Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This happened to me last night

It was 2 am and I was sleeping soundly.  Suddenly, Cailey (the white dog), started pacing the room (imagine little dog nails all over the hardwood floor: tap tap tap tap tap).  I woke up, turned over and shushed Cailey and told her to go to bed.

cailey-white dog

I went to pee (because that’s what happens when you wake me up – I have to go pee almost immediately. Overshare? Maybe.)

Then I climbed back into bed and tried to fall back asleep.

That’s when Travis (the black dog) started growling.  I shushed him too.

travis-black dog

Then both dogs started making all sorts of annoying noises that made me a little nervous.  So I shushed them and tried to listen.  That’s when I heard noises of someone digging around on my porch (it ends at the bedroom window, so it’s pretty easy to tell).

Now I have to take you back to that evening.  It was pouring out and I was cleaning up from dinner.  The trash stunk, so I decided to remove it from the kitchen but I didn’t feel like walking down the stairs and underneath my porch to put it in the bin.  So I did what I often do – I threw the bag on the porch and closed the slider door.

Okay, we’re back to 2 am.  Travis and Cailey are being annoying (read: trying to warn us that there is someone on my porch) and I’m starting to really freak out.  So I shake Jon awake (who is Mr.s Grump-grump if you wake him up at night) and tell him that there is someone on the porch.  Mr. Grump-grump gets up and walks out of the bedroom, closing the door behind him.  Now I’m super freaked out because my man just left me in the bedroom with two dogs on high alert and was walking directly into danger-zone (read: my porch).

There was the sound of the slider being opened, followed by some scrambling on the porch, followed by some other weird sounds, followed by Jon’s (I was hoping) footsteps approaching the bedroom.  He mumbled, “raccoons” under his breath, slid back into bed, and promptly fell asleep.

The dogs, too, settled right down in their dog beds and fell asleep.

I stayed up the rest of the night, wondering if the raccoons were coming back to get me.  Or if the bat that attacked us on our first year anniversary was back for more.

a-dogs 016


  1. Ugh! I hate when that happens. When the thing outside is really nothing, but your brain is in overdrive thinking about what it COULD'VE been

  2. The other night I thought the rustling leaves in our backyard was someone wandering around back there. Turns out it was just the rain & wind, still made hubby check though :-).

  3. Your dogs are adorable! Cute story--we've had our share of these situations out here in the woods as well. It creeps me out every time too! I found your blog through the Wednesday hop and hope you'll come follow me back at

  4. That is so scary! Thank goodness for those little attack dogs :)

  5. oooh, I am the same way! And congratulations, having close to 300 subscribers is AMAZING!!!

  6. LOL they are too cute! At least it was only a raccoon!

  7. haha! Racoons love garbage! How did they survive before humans left their garbage out for them to feast on?

  8. I would say Travis is more squirrel colored than black. :) Or maybe just squirrel personality?

  9. I actually had to listen to a bat last night when I was trying to go to sounded like he was hanging around right outside my window trying to keep me awake!

    Thankfully it was only a raccoon :) although, if I hear noises during the night my mind usually jumps straight to ghosts for some reason!

  10. One time I woke up to this awful howling outside. My husband said "It's wolves, go back to sleep." Wolves! WTH?? I live in a suburban-ish area! There's nothing worse than being woken up by a scary noise in the middle of the night.

    Hope you didn't have a huge mess to clean up this morning!

  11. This made me laugh, sorry, but it did! One night when I first moved in with TNT we were sleeping with the windows opened. Something was out in the yard and Reagan (dog we had back then) just started barking from inside the bedroom. If that doesn't make you sit straight up in bed I don't know what would. My heart was beating so fast I couldn't go back to sleep.

  12. Wilma goes crazy when she sees a raccoon! CRAZY!


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