Sunday, June 5, 2011

Reminiscing about the good ol’ days

This Saturday a few of the gals from my Freshman year at UMASS decided to plan a get together.

And get together we did!

a-Umassers 016

This is Heather.  She got married last year to a totally awesome guy.  Heather was my roommate for 2 years until I became a Resident Assistant and couldn’t have a roommate anymore.  We still call each other “roomie” 8 years later which is confusing to people since I’m married.  But this girl will be my “roomie” for the rest of my life.  I miss her so.

Funny story- as you probably know, I’m from Massachusetts.  And when I decided to go to UMASS (otherwise known as the University of Massachusetts Amherst; keyword = Massachusetts), I assumed that my roommate would be from Massachusetts.  But instead, due to overpopulation, I ended up in a lounge with 3 roommates.  All from New Jersey.

a-Umassers 024

And this is Elissa.  Elissa is actually from Heather’s hometown and ended up living a couple of floors above us our Freshman year.  When I moved in with Heather, I automatically moved in with Elissa.  She spent just as much time in our room, if not more, as we did.  Elissa has always looked out for all of us at the Zoo.  Sometimes I feel like she’s still looking out for me.

a-Umassers 030

And this is Colleen.  You know that really fun gal on your floor that is not just entertaining, but completely herself and you end up wondering how someone can be so comfortable just being herself and yet be so cool?  That’s what I think about Colleen. 

All these gals are exactly as I remember them.  We’ve all grown up (Heath is married and owns a townhouse; Elissa just bought her first house; Colleen is getting married in 2 months; I am married and have a baby), and yet seeing them again brought us all right back to where we were.  I don’t mean the frat-row hopping or anything.  I mean that we didn’t feel awkward or have any weird lulls in our conversations.  We chatter about where we were, our jobs, our significant others, our pets.  And then we jumped right in to reminiscing.

a-Umassers 027

I won’t get in to too many details because…well…they call it the Zoo for a reason.  But I’ll tell ya this – we were some fun-lovin’ gals.  And there are many days when I miss that feeling of being irresponsible.  Then I look at my baby girl and wonder what I ever loved about life before she was born.

a-Umassers 033

Do you have friends from school that you still keep in touch with?  Do you have any fun stories that you want to share?


  1. I'm glad that you got to go out and have a girls night! I feel like true friends can always pick up where they left off in the conversation, no matter how long it's been. I keep in touch with friends from college, including my roommate. I can't think of any good stories right now...although I'm sure my former roommate would totally think of something and snitch on me!

  2. My two closest friends from high school and I caught up for the first time in eight years last Easter and had a big blowout (up til 5am, many many bottles of wine consumed etc) and put the world to right as well as reminiscing about our teenage antics. Six weeks later one of my friends and I both found out we were pregnant and due on the same day! Twelve months later I met up with my friend and our babies and had a much quieter night, but just as much fun. Old friends are the best aren't they!

  3. Looks like a fun time! My 2 roomates from my sophomore year in college are still my best friends today (the freshman ones didn't work out so well). They both live 4+ hours away so getting together only happens a couple times a year now. But it's just like old times when it does. No lulls and lots of reminiscing too :)

  4. I keep up with some of my old roommates via facebook but that's about it. My closest friends are actually friends from my husband's college. He was in a fraternity in college and I spent much of my line there. I made great friends with his "brothers" and their girlfriends who are now their spouses.

    Some of my best memories with them are just nights in college just being at the house and seeing what kind of ideas college boys can come up with. They did sledding down the stairs on mattresses, foam parties, and the night my now-DH and I were almost arrested by the cops because apparently public places close at night.

  5. I have a few friends from HS that live in different states so whenever they are back we do catch up. And you're right it feels like we've never been apart. Since I went to the JUCO here in my hometown I never really got into college life. I was working full time while taking a full course load AND living at home. So really I missed that who part of college.

  6. Oh then I finished my degree online so there was no frat parties happening from my home. lol

  7. It can be so hard to keep in touch with people once you all go in different directions. I love the friends I'm able to get back together with after a long time and reconnect like old times! Glad you all had fun! :)

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  9. That is so wonderful you are all still friends and keep in touch. I have my bestfriend Elizabeth and she has been my best friend since kindergarten! 26 long years all worth it!!!
    OH and I am from mass too :)

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