Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I heart presents

Did I ever tell you how much I love presents? I love getting them, I love giving them, I love getting them…


*tap tap* is this mic on?  Jon?  Are you out there? 


Any-who, my birthday is less than a month away and I can’t help but run through my wish list for you peeps.  You know, in case you want to get me presents.


vb diaper bag


I blame Molly and Christine for getting me obsessed with Vera Bradley.  And although I have 2 diaper bags already, my heart longs for this one.



I know you all want to see Peanut through this lens.


wine club


I know you want me to have this so that I can report back on all the awesome new wines I try.  There is a membership through a local store too in case someone wanted to save on shipping costs….anyone?



Because I want to look extra cute while cooking.  And because this is extra cute.  Seriously – can things get any cuter?



Kari, who obviously knows me very well and wants me to be purty, gave me a sampler.  Now I’m addicted!


And a puppy….obviously. 


What’s on your wish list?

Aren’t summer birthdays the best?

Do you love celebrating your birthday or are you pretending that you’re still 25?  Cuz I do both.

Do you realize that I spent an hour browsing baby gifts while making up this list?  I know, I know: welcome to motherhood.


  1. In the words of Miss Kari, YOU'RE WELCOME!

  2. everything's better through a fisheye lens

  3. A puppy? Are you guys insane!? A baby, 2 dogs and now you want a puppy? Jon- I'd go with the lens buddy.

  4. When is your birthday? I like to give bday shoutouts on my blog

  5. My birthday is a week from today! My husband got me tickets to see Dolly Parton, and I asked for some books from my dad. I also really want some picture frames, but I want to pick them out myself.

    Now I just have to get a present for my mom because her birthday is a few days after mine.

  6. Happy early birthday, Kat! Yes, I know I'm really early. And if I was a billionare, I would buy you a puppy, but I'm not...yet ;)

  7. How about I send Molly to you for your bday. That way you can train her and teach her all kinds of things then once she's good and trained send her back! :)

    My bday is in January so I like to go down the lake and stay at the cabin. No one is around and hopefully there is snow so I can take some purdy pictures!

  8. Yay for presents! I hope you get everything on your list. And that I have an excuse to be in CT when you receive your wine shipment.

  9. Hooray for July birthdays! Mine is next week, but surprisingly, I haven't spent much time thinking about my wish list. That camera lens looks awfully desirable, though :)

  10. I love love love the pink apron. Also, wine clubs are the best. We get two bottle delivered every 3 months from our favorite place in Napa. It is the gift that keeps on giving!

  11. A puppy!!! YES!! How fun would that be?!? :) I want a Great Dane for a big sister/brother to Wilma!

  12. You can never go wrong with Vera Bradley! Their diaper bag is fantastic and that is one of my favorite prints!

  13. I vote for the puppy! And that apron is hot! I love birthdays, although I've decided I'm just going to turn 25 again this year.

  14. Yay for July and summer birthdays! Mine is actually this Friday on the 1st. :) I love your wish list! It's hard to think what would be on mine...although your wine subscription reminded me. There's a place in NY called Murray's Cheese Shop, and they have a monthly subscription thing as well where they send you different cheeses. That would be AWESOME. But it's hundreds of dollars, so that's not happening. ;)


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