Thursday, June 2, 2011

Friday 5: Shows on my DVR

Please don’t judge me…and don’t leave me.  I get lonely without you.

1.  16 & Pregnant


yup.  I’m still watching crap television.  Apparently having a kid doesn’t make me any more grown up.  However, now I cry every time that a baby is born. 

2.  Real World


I have no idea how I got into this season, but I actually did.  Again, it’s trash television but by the time I plop my tired butt on the couch, it’s all I have the attention span for.

3.  Secret Life of the American Teenager


I considered lying or not telling you about this one.  But because it was on Netflix while I was very pregnant and had nothing to do, I got into it.  I made fun of it.  But I kept watching it.  It’s a totally terrible television show, but, like road kill, I just can’t look away!

4.  Pawn Stars


Okay, this one actually wasn’t my choice.  But…and don’t tell my husband…I kinda really like it!  The guys are ridiculous but hilarious and the weird items that come in and our of the store keep you entertained.  And, GASP, some it is educational.

5.  Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern


I absolutely love this show.  This guy came from being a homeless addict in the streets of New York to a huge television star.  And since we all know that I love food (some incredibly weird Russian food too), this is right up my alley.  If you’re interested, you should check out the Russian episode!  It’s awesome.

What’s on your DVR?

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  1. Love this post! I watch #1 & 3 also. Although I don't really like to admit it...haha. They suck you in! :)

  2. 1. I totally loved Pawn Stars too (when we had cable)

    2. I had NO idea Andrew Zimmerman used to be a homeless addict! I feel like my whole view of him has changed knowing that!

  3. 1. Grey's Anatomy, 2. Law & Order: SVU, 3. Top Chef (when it's on), 4. Gossip Girl, 5. The Office

    I also enjoy 16 & Pregnant so you're not alone. Oh, and The Duggars, Sister Wives, Real Housewives of OC, NY & NJ :-)

  4. 1. The Office reruns
    2. Swamp People
    3. Modern Family
    4. CSI (the original)
    5. Brother's & Sister's (so sad it's been cancelled)

    I too watch Secret Life. sigh

    We went to the Pawn Stars store when we were in Vegas. Didn't see the guys though. :(

  5. I also watch the secret life. :) Don't tell!

  6. Right now my new favorite shows on DVR are:
    Body of Proof
    Man vs Food Nation (they just did a New Haven episode!)
    Brothers and Sisters
    The Real Housewives of New Jersey

    I LOVE Pawn Stars and gave up on Real World a couple seasons ago. They've been boring. Bring back the Seattle cast!

  7. I LOVE 16 and Pregnant. Sometimes it makes me sad and sometimes I want to punch those teenage fathers in the face but I can't stop watching. I cry when the baby is born too. Every simgle time!

  8. I never knew that about Andrew Zimmern! That's really cool. I've never watched any of the other shows though {mostly because my hubby would probably roll his eyes...and I already make him watch Regis and Kelly, DWTS, and AGT}

  9. Love Andrew Zimmern's show! Did you see the one where he tried to eat old, old, OLD tofu from an outdoor pit?
    For a while I was addicted to Intervention on A&E. Very intense. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I love Modern Family!

  10. I've always been curious about the Secret Life! But I keep feeling like since it's been going on for so long that I'd never know what was going on. Nice to know that it is on Netflix!

  11. I love secret life!!!! Yeah it's cheesy, and do you notice that they all repeat what they just said?!? Im addicted though!


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