Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Peanut - 5 Months

Dear Peanut,

a-5 months 015

This month has been one of the most amazing months.  You’re really showing your personality and changing into this little person that we just adore.  You were an absolutely adorable newborn, but this new stage is exciting in its own way.  You are the light of our lives.

a-5 months 064

But I will tell you this, my little darling,

a-5 months 092

taking your monthly pictures is getting harder and harder since you’re just so darn curious in just about everything.

a-5 months 101

And you refuse to sit still.

a-5 months 120

I guess it goes along with all your new skills.

PS- Please stop growing up so quickly.

a-5 months 124

Here’s a recap of our 5th month together:
  • This month Peanut progressed from reaching and grabbing for things to demanding to have things and grabbing everything within her reach.
  • If things are not within her reach, she will screech and squeal until we bring it to her or bring her closer so she can explore.
  • This month brought a slew of new skills from sitting up (she’s barely wobbling any more) to pulling up into a standing position.  If Peanut is holding on to our hands or leaning on something, she can stand up.
  • In the last week or so she’s started to bounce up and down and move her legs as if she’s learning how to walk.
  • Addison is still hot and cold about spending time on her belly – she doesn’t mind it for a few minutes, but will “yell” at us when she’s had enough.  She doesn’t seem to be as keen on rolling over as she used to be, but she’s progressed to extending her arms all the way (rather than just leaning on her forearms) and is even pulling her legs under her like she is trying to crawl.
  • Peanut is now wearing a mix of 0-3 and 3-6 months clothes and just switched over to size 2 diapers.
  • After our sleep training, Addison started sleeping most nights (we still have some rough nights here and there) from 8pm-6am.
  • This month we introduced solids!  So far Peanut’s tried rice cereal, avocado, peaches, and yams.  I’ll have to post about these separately.
  • She’s moved on from sucking her fingers (which she still does) to sucking on her toes (were we all once this flexible?)
  • Peanut’s favorite activities include playing on her playmat, watching us blow bubbles, standing in her exersaucer, watching the dogs roughhouse, and hanging out on the couch with us (I think she thinks it’s really cool to sit on the couch like adults).
  • A couple of weeks ago Addison finally started to “talk.”  She’s always gurgled a little here and there, but generally she is a pretty quiet baby.  Until about 2 weeks ago when she started to express her emotions by screaming in a high pitched voice at the top of her lungs.  In the last week or so she’s progressed to cooing and other adorable baby noises.
  • We’re pretty sure that Addi’s getting the hang of object permanence.  She now looks around and waits when she drops her toy out of her reach or looks for us when we play peek-a-boo.
  • Peanut is still just about the happiest baby and loves exploring new places with us.

peanut 5 mo

Oh my, my little Peanut-butter-face, you sure are growing quickly. *Sniffle sniffle*


  1. Wow, I love the progression of all 6 of the photos at the end! It looks like she's going to have to hold that elephant on her lap soon just so there's room for the two of them on the chair!!

  2. SO SO SO Sweet! I can't wait to do updates like this. 5 months sounds like such a fun age! And where did you get the adorable monthly onesies???

  3. I love monthly photos! They're my fav to see all the changes. You don't realize until you line them all up like that. She's a cutie!

  4. She is an absolute DOLL. One of the cutest, most expressive babies I've seen!

  5. wow how she's grown already! what a cutie, seriously! and I love the elephant :)

  6. ohmy! Where did your teeny tiny peanut go? :( She is sucha a beautiful little girl. Happy birthday Addison!!!

  7. A-dor-a-ble! Seriously, she is such a cutie. Sounds like a fun age!

  8. She is so cute. I love looking at your posts and thinking back to Char 2 and half months ago. They change so quickly.

  9. She is adorable! Hard to believe she's already 5 months old!

  10. I'm still scratching my head to find out where the 5 months went???! She is absolutely adorable guys.

  11. She is too cute. And I LOVE the notion of this post. This is something both you and her are going to be able to look back upon for years and years to come. So sweet.

  12. She is precious. I always said she looked like Jon, but now I see Jon's coloring and your features! :) So cute.

  13. I cannot get over those onesies with the months on them! Adorable. And she is already sitting up? Wow! B refuses to sit up. I swear he does.


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