Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter egg hunt

So I'm not shy.  I'll let you know that I am 26 years old.  Jon is 27.  And yet, we still have to participate in the Easter egg hunt.

Don't get me wrong - I love getting candy and a couple of dollars here and there, but I do feel a bit foolish digging through the bushes next to our 3 year old cousins.  Believe it or not, that's not even the worst part.  The worst part is that Jon and I almost always lose.  You read that right.  Jon and I, the oldest cousins, always lose to his little baby cousins in the egg hunt.  Every year.  Without fail.  I'd like to blame things like my heels or the fact that we care less, but the truth is that we look.  We look hard!  And we still lose.

This is our cousin Molly and Grandma and Grandpa's dog, Ginger.  Molly helps Jon and I find our eggs by giving us hints.  Oh! Did I mention that Jon and I are the only "team"?  Yes, the 3 year old is looking for his eggs on his own while Jon and I look for ours together.  I'm not proud of this, but it's true.

This is Jon's mom's dog Bella.  She has a boo-boo on her foot.  But that didn't stop her from chasing everyone around all day.

Everyone is gathering around to listen to the rules of the egg hunt.

This is my baby Eli.  Eli already has two eggs while we still have 0.  Eli is almost always running away from me because I "steal his monies" from him when he's not looking.  I adore this kid.

I have no problem finding everyone else's eggs.  It's just ours that we can't seem to locate.

Here is our little cousin Yisaak.  He also found most of his eggs before Jon and I got any.

Sweet sweet Molly trying to give me a hint about one of our eggs.  She's so clever.

Lydia is my other love.  She's getting way too grown up though.

Owen is the youngest cousin on Jon's mom's side.  He located almost every one of his eggs while Jon and I were on our second one.  Isn't he precious?

Everyone is almost done with their egg hunt.  5 eggs each.

Lydia and Eli are on their last egg.

Jon and I give in.  We had to get help from mom to find our last egg.  So sad.  So, so, so sad we are.

Here's one of our eggs.  In a tree.  I'm thinking grandma might have a new career in hiding things.

 A group picture of all the cousins.  You see all those babies there that got all their eggs before us?  You just wait until next year!  When we once again miserably lose.

Oh well.  I get over things fast when there are deviled eggs around. Yum!

And Kielbasa.  Delicious Kielbasa.

As for the older boys?  They golf.

And there you have it.  Easter came and went just like that.  You ask, who is this?  This is Setota.  She's the life of the after-party.

Join us next time when I tell you all about my Sambuca.

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  1. No shame. We hunted until we were 26... And probably still would other than the last couple years we haven't gotten together. ;)


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