Sunday, April 18, 2010

We're back!

We're back from our vacation and it was just amazing!  I'll post about Iberostar Bavaro in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic on a separate occasion because it was just amazing!  The resort totally deserves its own post. 

This is just a small glimpse of the amazing resort.  Every inch of it was gorgeous.  I felt like I was in paradise.

Another stamp in our passports :)

Checking in - with Bahama Mama drinks. Yum!

We had some partners in crime that joined us for our vacation - Laura and Alex.

Ah and here we are.  We had an early morning and a long flight so excuse my appearance.

I love when they make pretty swans from your towels.  I judge how great the service in the rooms is based on how many towel birds and animals I get.

We took a few minutes to drop our stuff off in our rooms, change to suits and ran down to the pool.  I love pools.  I love huge pools best.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE swim-up bars at pools the bestestest.  This place had it all.  I miss it already.  Somehow my bathtub just doesn't do it.

And here's the sandy beach.  So okay.   I'm not really a big beach person.  I prefer pools.  I mean, yes, I get it, we go to a gorgeous place like this and it's hard to believe anyone would want to spend any time at the pool, but there are no seaweed, no fish that might bite, no jelly fish that could sting you.  And you don't end up with sand up your butt 99% of the day.

Laura and Alex love the beach.  I know, hard to guess from this pic.  I guess they prefer to be stung by jelly fishes.

Like this evil one here.  Does that look like something else to you by the way?!

But Laura and Alex are daring.

As for me, I prefer to stay out of the scary water and read my book.

Jon's also very daring.  So daring in fact, that he was even willing to go look at the fishies up close.

There he is, in the vast ocean.  Fearless.

I'm still reading my book.

Jon tried to entice me with his funny looking goggles and salty water, but I passed.

Other than loving and hating the beach, we also hugged some bananas,

 walked along the beach and explored the other resorts,

posed for pictures among weird tree trunks,

and explored Punta Cana - but more about this one later.

We saw turtles.

and more turtles.

In the evenings, we got dressed up,

disregarding decisions about shoes,

and went out to dinner.

The food was amazing,

the staff was fun and so nice.

Oh and the food was amazing.

I wasn't sure if you heard me the first time.

We played at the casino,

sipped some cappuccinos,

enjoyed drinks in the breezy nights,

ate some more,

and just generally enjoyed ourselves away from all the pressure of work, life, houses, dogs, and every thing else that waited for us back home.

And on our last day, 

I got daring,

really daring.

Then I stepped on a rock, got attacked by a huge seaweed, and swallowed some salt water.

And that's about as much daring as I can take.


  1. Oh my. Looks incredible! How did you ever come back?

  2. Oh my. Looks incredible! How did you ever come back?


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