Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mike & Kari's wedding - continued

Today was a long day with a visit to see Jon's family in Western MA.  I'll post about Sambooka, my little puppy niece, and the Easter egg hunt later.  For now, I'll stick to Kari and Mike's wedding.

Kari and Mike are now on their honeymoon in VT.  Lucky!  It's supposed to be a gorgeous week so we're excited for them.

The Bridesmaids watching Kari's entrance.

The ceremony was amazing and funny.  So very perfect for Kari and Mike.

Ah!  The kiss!  Mike and Kari are officially married!

Everyone got bubbles to blow bubbles after Mike and Kari were married.  Here's Jon blowing some bubbles.

Totally awesome wooden shoes displayed on the guestbook table.

And every table assignement had little pairs of shoes for the guests to keep as favors.  I missed the picture of all the shoes because everyone was eager to grab their pair.

Courtesy of Made of Memories, the table assignments.

Jon, Alex and Laura looking sharp and enjoying the cocktail hour.  I can't wait for our vacation next week!

Laura's half-eaten plate of food.  Because I like food.

The table center pieces.

Jon and I at the wedding.  Crazy to think that this summer we will be married for 3 years!  Time flies when you're having fun.

Kari and Mike, joining us in the ballroom.  I love her hair!

The couple's first dance as a married couple.

Here they are again, finally relaxing at their table.  And by relaxing I mean posing for about 500 pictures that everyone was taking.

Yummy cupcakes that Mike's sister made for the wedding.  They taste even better than they look.

Me posing with the bride.  Don't you just adore her dress?  So elegant and simple, it suits Kari all too well.

Laura and Kari.

There.  That's more my style.  I love candid shots.

Kari's fun pink hair.

Her totally awesome rings.

And then there was dancing.  But instead of posting pictures of dancing, I'm posting this picture of my husband.  We'll be married 3 years this summer.  Hmm...perhaps I should re-think the "time flies when you're having fun" comment.

Congrats Kari and Mike!  We love you guys!


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