Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My really cool stuff

I got a couple questions about some items I use so here they are:

My totally awesome onion goggles that protect you from tears while cutting up onions and keep you looking fashionable.

There are options for colors.  Mine are pink.  Because I love pink.

This is where they make an appearance:

Vareniki, kinda like Pirogis

And this is the Cuisinart Smart Stick thingy that you can use as a mini food processor, chopper, masher, and many other fun things.

It is, indeed, as awesome as it looks.  I got mine at Macy's but for slightly more than amazon offers.  If I could live in, I would.

Vareniki, kinda like Pirogis

Finally, the hand mixer.

It's really not very pricey at all, but I just love the snap-on case that it comes with.  I'm a total neat-freak and it allows me to put everything back together into a compact little case that snaps right onto the mixer. It even hides the cord! Yes, it's that awesome.

I think I use it in every recipe, but here's the oatmeal cookies and brownies ones.
Oatmeal Cookies
Cream Cheese Brownies 

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  1. Oh, I've so wanted an immersion blender! Chris says the kitchen's already too crowded. :(


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