Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A girl's gotta have choices

I am trying to pack for vacation and am running into some problems.  I'm not even just talking about packing in general, although that's always a challenge.  What I'm talking about is shoes.  Isn't it really always about shoes?  Ladies - are you with me?  As for you, men, well, maybe you want to take a night of.  Or perhaps you can sit and grumble about how women have too many shoes.

My point is that I have no problem packing.  My problem is choosing a limited number of shoes to go with all my various outfits.  Technically, for 6 days of vacation I would have approximately 15 outfits.  Now don't go thinking I'm crazy!  There is a logic to my madness.  You see, you need a "day" outfit.  The things you might wear to breakfast or lunch.  Something you might wear if you decide to check out the surrounding areas.  This is usually some sort of loose skirt, shorts and maybe a t-shirt.  This usually calls for a pair of cute shoes or some flip-flops.  And then there is an "evening" outfit.  For dinner I dress up in a nice dress, a pair of white pants and a nice top, or some nice skirt.  And then there are just extra outfits when you have to change for some dancing or some casino play.  Anyways, you have about 15 outfits.  Which, if you're packing, is not really that big of a deal.  The big deal, my friends, is the choice of shoes.  Shoes take up a lot of space.  They're not a small t-shirt you can fold up.  They tend to be bulky.  And if you're into high heels like I am, then they're really bulky.  So for 15 outfits, I need to find 15 shoes.  Or fewer shoes that fit all outfits.  How do you do that?  And what if they look good in my room while I'm packing, but then I pull them out on the sunny beach and realize it's not what really works with my outfit? What do I do?!

So far, I've narrowed it down to these.  Now I can't decide how to trim "the fat."

These here shoes go really well with...

...this here dress.  The simple black and white dress is amazing on its own.  But when you add a pair of bright green heels?  Well, that's just plain perfect.

And look at these!  They're super cute. They go really well....

...with this cute dress.  Trust me, it looks WAY better on than it does on a hanger.

Oh! And these!

Look at the detail!  Aren't they just delicious!

Won't they look super sexy with this here dress?

No one can say no to these.  They're not just super cute, they're also insanely comfortable and can be worn for hours of dancing without any consequences.

Sometimes I wear them with shorts, and other times with this skirt.  This skirt also looks amazing with just plain black heels or my maroon pumps.  Shoot, I have to add a pair back in!

And then I have to pack my running shoes.

So how do you decide what to take?


  1. I have the same issue. I'm always way over packed but you need to make sure you have everything you need (and then some). Would hate to be far away and realize that you didn't pack shoes to match your favorite dress!

  2. Really love the green shoes. If we actually knew each other, lived closer, and wore the same size I'd be begging to borrow. ;)


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