Friday, April 23, 2010

Everyone in Russia is named Bob

When we were younger, my best friend and I used to be very cruel and mean.  We also loved nothing more than to play with boys' minds, especially if they were dumb enough to believe whatever tales we spun.

One of these times we were out roller blading with some boys.  My friend and I had been speaking Russian to each other, our mutual first language, and giggling up a storm.  The boys asked us what our names were in Russia.  They were literally asking for us to make fun of this because her name is *retracted*...a very Russian name, and mine is Catherine...although Americanized, it's still fairly easy to guess that there is something similar in Russian.  We looked at each other, giggled, and in sync said, "Bob".   Then we giggled some more.  Because we were teenage girls and that's what teenage girls do.

The boys pondered at this fib and decided that it sounded a little fishy.  "Both of your names were Bob?" they asked us.  "Yes.  You see, Russia was communist when she and I were born and in a Communist country everything had to be equal.  So, everyone had to be named Bob.  That's why in Russian, both of our names are Bob.  And our parents weren't born during Communism, so they got to keep their original names."  I spoke seriously.  The boys looked at us and decided that this was just too weird to be untrue and so they agreed that we must, after all, be named Bob.  Because, you know, Communists are scary and weird.


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