Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mike and Kari's wedding

The wedding season has officially started and our first attended wedding of the season is for Kari and Mike.

Kari was a young college graduate when I hired her as an intern for my company.  By the time her internship expired, we decided we couldn't lose her and hired her full-time for a new position.  Kari has been a part of Sightlines ever since.

Mike and Kari met while on a little get away while visiting their best friends in Maine.  They were both from the same town and High School but a couple of years apart.  When they returned from their trip, they decided to start dating.

A few months ago, Mike and Kari went on a hike together and Mike proposed.  A few months later, they bought a house just a couple of miles away from ours.  We were ecstatic because by this point we were all great friends.  Today was their wedding day.

I can't think of two people more perfect for one another (current company excluded).  They're the ying to each others yang.  They complete one another.

Jon and I at Kari and Mike's ceremony.

This is Laura and Alex.  Laura started working at Sightlines at the time that Jon and I did and we have all been best friends since.  Alex came into the picture almost as soon as we all got to know each other and has therefore been as close to us as Laura. We love them both dearly.  In fact, the 4 of us are going on vacation soon!  Can't wait.

This is Janice and Eric.  Janice started with Jon and I as well.  We were all part of the mighty 8.  Eric came in as an intern about a year after and ended up coming on full-time post graduation.  Janice and Eric hit it off pretty well and ended up getting married last November.   So Jon and I aren't the only Sightlines employees married to one another anymore.

This is Emily and Jordan.  Emily joined us a couple of years ago followed by Jordan.  They had been dating and decided to go for the same job.  They're now engaged to be married.  Another Sightlines couple.

Here are the boys waiting for the bride.  Don't they look handsome?

Well, that's it for tonight.  We're all tired and I don't want to give it all away on our first night together.


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