Friday, April 2, 2010

What to do on in CT when your boss lets you out early

Like mentioned many moons ago, Jon and I work together.  So imagine both of our excitement and surprise when we found out that we could go home at 3pm today!  Good Friday indeed!

We got home and stared at each other.  Almost 2 extra hours on a gorgeous Friday afternoon - what do we do with ourselves?  Naturally, we packed up the dogs and headed to Hammonasset State Park, about 2 miles down the road.

Usually, Hammonasset is my running spot.  The soft gravel paths, the view of the ocean, and miles and miles of relatively flat ground makes this place amazing for a good 5-6 mile run.  And due to that soft gravel, it's also easy on the knees.

The dogs know when we come home early that they're in for a treat.  The ride itself is worth it.

So excited!

I can feel the wind in my hair.

Ah, I just love the ocean.  It's so peaceful.

What's the face for, sweetie?  It's the pink leash isn't it?  You don't like the pink leash, do you?

Me? I love the pink leash.  It matches my pink shirt.  And my pink phone.  And my pink everything else.  Oh!  Guess what my favorite color is?  Quick!

I love the beach.

And Jon?  Jon loves the birds.

Even when they try to poop on him.

Do you know how I know that Jon likes birds?  Well, there are about 150 pictures of these seagulls on the camera.  From this one trip.

Ah, finally I have the camera back.  No more birds.  I just had to sit through a slide show of 150 pictures of birds.  Some of them pooping.

Back to the water.  And the sand.

And the sunsets.

And shiny rocks?  Ok, I'm not sure how that one sneaked in there.

So there you have it folks.

When your boss is nice and decides to let you out of work early on a gorgeous 70-degree day, you go to the beach.  And take pictures of birds.

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  1. Good job! Chris and I took Harper to Valley Forge Park when we got out early and COMPLETELY neglected to bring the camera. Talked about it... Helpful, right? Eh, I'll probably go again today. Will make it up. Looks beautiful!!!


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