Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Are you a blogger?

I love reading blogs.  Wait, hold on, that didn't come out right.  What I meant to say is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading blogs.  Something about reading someone's blog makes me feel like I am invited to share a part of their lives.  Granted when it's someone like Ree from the Pioneer Woman or Katie from Confessions of a Young Married Couple, I'm just a tiny little spec in their hardcore line of followers, but I still feel pretty special.

There is nothing like finding a really great blog and taking a weekend to read their past entries.  I love discovering about their every day lives, happiness and struggles.  Most of the time it makes me feel like I'm not alone in something I am dealing with or, in the very least, it keeps me entertained while Jon is watching golf on TV (gag me).  When I read back, I feel like I am getting to know this person behind the keys.  It's a special bond.

What I guess I'm getting at is that I often follow lots of blogs, but don't really know everyone who reads mine.  If you're a blogger, let me know!  I'd love to check out your blog and get to know you a little better.  If you're not, but have an awesome blog that you love, pass it on for all of us to read.


  1. Hey girl, I know that feeling and you aren't alone out there! I blog, I read blogs and sometimes I stalk blogs (ie Marriage Confessions!!) We have a lot in common. =)

  2. Hey! I read your blog! I am a huge fan of PW and Confessions as well. I love hearing what other people are doing in this world we live in!

  3. Yes and near u in Clinton. Commenting frm iPhone so I'll keep this brief. Ur blog show well on iPhone and I like ur design. My blog is

  4. Well, duh, you know I do. Even if I'm on a break at the moment. ;)

  5. I just found your blog through Marriage Confessions.. and loved your story with your husband! So now I am trying to read through all your blogs to catch up! :)

    Love your puppy addiction and fun recipes!

  6. Happy NEW BABY Year! :) Found your blog while looking for Zinfandel wines in FB. Still not sure how I got from there to here, hahah. Anyway, congrats to the ENTIRE family on your beautiful addition! PS - will definitely be having some Earthquake Zin soon - per your recommendation from last April. Cheers from DC, Jim


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