Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Top 5 Favorite things about puppies

Alternative title: Hello, my name is Kat and I'm a pupp-aholic.

They love you unconditionally.
And I mean unconditionally.  I know that generally all dogs do, but puppies just always seem so extra happy.  They're always happy to see you, to be with you, to lick you, to play with you.  They love you for giving them a treat, feeding them, training them, and, yes, even disciplining them.

They need you and trust you.
Dogs in general are pretty needy animals.  They needs us to take them out to go to the bathroom, to feed them, to clean them, to protect them.  But puppies look at you like you are their mommy.  They look to you when they go to bite something they shouldn't and wait for you to let them know if it's okay.  They look to you for new food, new toy, walking down the stairs, climbing on the couch.

They're amazing cuddlers.
Again, exceptions aside, most dogs love to be cuddled with.  But the older they get, the shorter the time they want to spend laying all over you.  They prefer to go over to their end of the couch and sulk for a while (dang it Travis, come back).  Puppies on the other hand need to be all over you 24/7.  They climb on you to chew their favorite toy, to nap, to seek protection.  They adore being really close to you, and I love it even more.

Everything in this world is the greatest new thing ever.
Bugs, leaves, toys, peanut butter, socks, wires, corners, couches, pillows, paws, sticks, dandelions, mailboxes, trees.  I can go on for days.  To the puppy, the whole world is brand new and it is amazing!  I love watching them explore and learn their boundaries.

I think this might be my favorite.  Puppies have that extra skin and wrinkles.  Everywhere.  I love lifting it, stretching it, pulling it.  It's so adorable!  The best part is knowing that someday they'll grow into all those wrinkles.  And then they'll just be a dog.  That's about the time I start whining and hinting to Jon about getting a new puppy.  Because, you see, I really love puppies.

For all you dog owners (and lovers), these are some of my fav treats for your best buddies.


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