Monday, May 10, 2010

Dog tricks 101

I like to have training sessions with the dogs about 2-3 times a week for about 15-20 minutes.  The best time to do this is before dinner because the dogs are usually pretty hungry and ready to do just about anything you ask them. 

Today was Buddy's first real training session with my pups (usually I split them up because Buddy needed to feel comfortable).  Here's how he did.

Buddy, sit!

It's a start.

Travis, down!

Okay so Buddy doesn't really get that he doesn't get every treat.  Who can blame him?  Until a week ago, he was an only pup.  No biggie- I'm pretty patient when it comes to training pups.

Travis, sit!
Ah! Much better.  Now we're getting somewhere.

Part of the group training is to teach the pups to hold the command until I give them a treat and release them.  They did great!

Practicing down.
still down
we're getting a bit impatient here.

Time to try something harder.

Travey, High Five!
Okay, please excuse my running clothes.  I just got back from a jog.

Cai- High Five!
Anyone else notice Buddy sitting and waiting patiently?

Buddy- High Five!
Okay. Close.  But someone's a little too into the treats!

Hey Buddy - can I have your paw?
Travis - beg!
Look at everyone waiting for their turn patiently.

Travis begging.

Cailey begging.
Buddy begging.
Alternative title - Buddy eating my hand.

Everyone sitting.
Everybody laying down.
Laying down - too freakin' cute. Cailey is even smiling.
We're posing for an AT&T commercial.

Buddy posing for the camera.
All training sessions should be kept short and sweet and finish on a good note.  Something easy that everyone can successfully complete and get their last treat for.  Good dogs!


  1. WOW!! Very impressive and SO CUTE!

  2. WOW!! Very impressive and SO CUTE!


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