Saturday, May 29, 2010

A special look inside our Kingdom - the Master Bedroom

When Jon and I first bought our house and moved in, we spent the first month living in the guest room.  We only had one set of bedroom furniture and it's about as old as I am (well, maybe not THAT old, but definitely at least 13 years).  We decided that we would start our new marital life (we were married a month after we bought the house) with a new bedroom set.  We waited patiently to save up the money and pick out the perfect set.

Our new bedroom was small, so we could only fit a queen set.  But the odd part was the tiny space available for a dresser.  We measured it precisely and brought a measuring tape with us to every store we went to.  I think we measured about 50 different dressers before we found the perfect one.

Here is the bedroom from the doorway.  It's simple and small, but it has everything we need.

There is a bed, two night stands, a dresser, a couple of mirrors, and some dog beds.  What else could we want?

The painting on the wall is from the Starving Artist sale.  If you find one nearby, I recommend you go.  The paintings are amazing and increadibly cheap.

Across from the bed is the perfect dresser.

I'm not sure if you can tell, but it fits perfectly into the space between the doorway and the closet.  Of course, it has a mirrow, some decorations, and a small light.  One of the things that Jon and I were definitive about when we first moved in was the TV in the bedroom.  We refused to put one in.  I read somewhere a long time ago that marriages will last longer and succeed more if there is no TV in the bedroom.  The first couple of years went by and I found one or both of us falling asleep in the living room on weekends because one of us wanted to stay up to watch TV.  And when Jon traveled, I dreaded going to the lonely, quiet bedroom on my own.  So a couple of months ago we gave in and moved the TV from the kitchen to the bedroom.  So far we've turned it on about twice, but it's comforting to know it's there when we need it.

Above the dresser is my favorite picture from our wedding day.

I think my dad's friend took this with my dad's camera.  It depicts precisely how we felt when we were finally married.  It was the happiest moment of my life.

And to the right of the dresser is my wonderful creation - the closet!

When we first moved in, this closet had the two wooden sliding doors that never opened or closed.  It had one bar going across that always bent in the middle under the weight of the clothes and one ugly shelf above that was too high for me to reach.  I never did understand why people thought this is a good way to build a closet.  So, naturally, we updated it.

Hmm, let's please not pay attention to the mess in the closet.  Perhaps I should have skipped the open-door picture.  Oh well, cat's outta the bag.  As you see, the doors no longer block half of the closet and I've rearranged the way the shelves and bars fit in.  We put two levels of bars on one side, added some shelves, and one long bar on the other side.  We got everything we needed at Home Depot (did I mention that we pretty much live there?).  Under long rack there are some shoe shelves for my extensive collection of shoes.  Don't worry, I only put the ones I wear daily and that are in season there.  But most importantly, we now have a light!

Moving on.  Here is another very important feature of our bedroom - the doggie bed!

This hairy one is Cailey's.  She sheds.  A lot.  Travis used to have one just like this one, but he ripped it apart.  That's the third bed he ripped this month.  But he's cute, and we forgave him, but I'm not ready to buy yet another dog bed.

This is my nightstand.

It has all the essentials: an alarm, a picture of Jon and me from our honeymoon, some books, a light, and a glass of water.  I am thirsty pretty much 24/7.  I blame running.  I'd show you Jon's nightstand but it's boring and doesn't have anything on it except for a back scratcher.  I guess that's his essential.

Next to the bed on the wall between the entry door and the master bathroom was a big empty wall.  The way the doors open there isn't much room for any furniture there, so we put in a shelf with a mirror.

My dad installed an outlet and some lights for me.  I'd like to get something cuter here someday, but so far it hasn't been a priority.

That is pretty much it for the bedroom.

Except for these awesome pillows and comforter.  I found them on  I also bought matching curtains, but I'm apparently not very bright because they were about 40 inches too short and only included two panels, while we need 4.  So if you are ever shopping around and find some nice matching off-white, tan, moss, or chocolate brown curtains, let me know.  I'm still looking for some.

I'm still deciding on which room to showcase tomorrow - my last post about the house for a little while.  I'm between the guestroom with the 80's furniture, the dining room with my favorite dining set that I've wanted for years, and the basement - which we are currently saving up for to update with new furniture.  Feel free to vote!


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