Sunday, May 2, 2010

Clean up on isle 5

By nature I am a very neat person.  If you know me, you know that I have everything put away in tide little containers and my favorite container is a basket.  When we registered for wedding gifts, I put a set of matching baskets on my registry because I was dying to organize our new home.  We had just bought a ranch and were getting married a couple of months later.  It ended up that a few people bought the same sets of baskets for my shower, but I was ecstatic!  There was no way that I would register for that many without letting my future husband know my insanity with putting things into neat little baskets, but this coincidence was too perfect for me to pass it up.  I collected my lute and spent 3 days reorganizing all my shelves to perfection.

Over the next few years I collected many baskets and have put the majority of them out of sight to hide my crazy side from innocent strangers.  People who come in to my house don't tend to be overwhelmed by baskets, however, there are still a few tasteful ones around.

Like this little one.  This basket here is for the dogs toys in the living room.  We have another one full of dog toys in the basement.  We also have a bag full of dog toys that we keep in the closet and rotate the toys in the baskets to keep the pups entertained.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that we have a lot of dog toys.

Buddy just discovered our toy basket.

I think he likes it.
All the dogs and the people in this pack play this game where the dogs go to the toy baskets and pick up some toys,

they chew on them for a little while,

then they strategically place them all over the house.

Then they go back for some more toys.

and place those strategically around the house as well.  Preferably somewhere in the middle of the hallway so I can trip or stub my toe on it.

I usually swear a lot, then clean the toys up and put them back into their respective baskets.

Within minutes the toys are scattered all over the house again.

One time I was sitting in the living room, after cleaning up all the toys and putting them back in the basket when i noticed Travis going to the basket and taking the toys back out.  I sighed and leaned back because this was a losing war.

When he finally jumped up to lay next to me on the couch, I scanned the floor to see the damage.  What I saw still gives me nightmares from time to time.  Travis had taken all the bones out of the basket and stood them up around the floor.  Literally, the bones were all standing vertically.  I looked over at Travis to see if he maybe an alien had taken over his body, but he looked like he always does.

Cute and innocent.


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