Saturday, May 15, 2010

A trip down memory lane

When I was looking for pictures to post for my Mother's Day post, I also found this:

Wow, Russian hats were, um, interesting.

And this:

I was a chubby baby.

And apparently had a very keen sense of style.  Especially in purses.

There's that awesome sense of style again.  Even I thought I looked great.

A serious face.  Because I'm wicked serious.

I have very little idea why we were dressed like little boys, but I'm guessing it has something to do with the cold.

I think this might have been my sister's birthday.  Apparently we were excited about fruit.

This is my sister and I picking mushrooms.  In wicked cool outfits.  That lady bug velvet suit I'm wearing?  It was my favorite suit for like 5 years.  I wore it almost every day.  Even when it got too small.  Did I mention I had an awesome sense of style.

I'd love to make excuses here, but really, my sister and I wore funny dresses.  A lot.  We were children of the 80's.  Please forgive us.

More dresses.  And fruit.  And bangs.  Why, oh, why, mother? Did you insist on us having bangs?

OH! So in Russia squirrels are totally different.  In the winter they sort of look like the squirrels here so you can't tell too much, but in the summer it's a totally different story.  They're poofy and brown.  They're totally cute.  And they're friendly.  Here's a picture of my sister and me feeding some squirrels.

I have no excuses.  I'm cooky.  But fun.  But yeah, totally nuts.

Ah winter in the Motha land.

That's enough for now.  I can't decide if I should be laughing or crying right now at these silly little memories.


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