Saturday, May 1, 2010


Meet Buddy.

Buddy is a very loved and adored child of my best friend Kerry.  But as much as Kerry loves and adores Buddy, they had to part for 2 whole weeks!

Kerry has this really big business trip, you see, and Buddy couldn't come with.  So guess who got to take him?

Yup! Yours truly.  So why don't we get to know Buddy a bit better because he'll be making lots of appearance here on Living With the Kings in the next couple of weeks.

Buddy is a Boston Terrier and Bulldog mix, which means that he's cute as heck, but has a bit of a stubborn streak.

He enjoys long walks and chewing his toys.

Oh and he loves attacking my two dogs, Cailey and Travis.

But don't let that worry you too much because Cailey can take care of herself.

Buddy never stood a chance.

Not for lack of trying.

Isn't he vicious?

That's alright, though, we all love him anyways.

Well, maybe not all of us.

The grouch prefers to watch all this from the safety of the couch that Buddy can't get up on just yet.  Enjoy the view Bubba because it looks like Buddy's going to figure the couch thing out soon enough.


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