Friday, May 7, 2010

Kerry's Bruschetta

Last summer Jon and I packed up all the puppies (Jas was still alive and well), and drove down to the Cape to spend a weekend with Kerry.  We had an amazing time, made only better by all the delicious food we cooked.  One of the things that Kerry made up was this yummy and easy bruschetta.  When we got back home, I got some supplies and made it just about every single day.  When I ran out of crackers, I ate it with a spoon.  Yes, it is that good.

Just cup up some tomatoes into small, itty, bitty little pieces.

Then cut up some sun-dried tomatoes into similar pieces.  I tend to have about 1/3 of sun-dried tomatoes per fresh tomatoes, but you can totally fudge these rations to get the taste you want.

Add some olive oil.  A spoon or two should be plenty, but again, it depends on how much you are making.

If you have some fresh herbs, especially some basil, feel free to throw them in here.  I don't have that luxury yet since my garden just went in, so I'm using dry stuff.  It's not amazing, but it satisfies my cravings.

Here comes the best part - goat cheese.  Yes, goat cheese.  Seriously, I didn't like goat cheese either until this here bruschetta landed on top of it.  Now, we are in love.  Just warm some up at 50% power for 20-25 seconds.

Now grab some french bread while I take out some crackers.  Apparently, I wasn't prepared.  Spread a bit of the cheese.

 Top it with the tomato mix and Voila!


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