Saturday, May 1, 2010

Someone please come over and do my yard work for me

So the yard is sort of a mess and there is so much to do, but I'm taking a break because Buddy is too cute not to play with.

So we lounged in the freshly cut grass (thanks hubby).

Then we lounged some more.

Cailey and I played ball.

This is Cailey's favorite toy.  She is obsessed with chasing a ball and bringing it back to me.  One time I decided to really tire her out and continued to throw the ball for a half an hour.  Cailey will always bring the ball back but about 15 minutes in she started leaving it just a foot or so farther away from me.  Then a foot more.  Eventually, I figured she was tired enough and went inside.  Cailey walked inside and fell down, but her legs never bent.  She was so sore for almost 2 days that she could barely walk or lay down without crashing to the ground with stiff legs.  Woops!  Now we try to limit our ball sessions to 15 minutes or less. Sorry Cai-cai.

Oh, right, Buddy.  Now I remember why we're here.  Buddy's loving exploring our yard and jumping around the rocks and chewing my precious plants.

He was king of the mountain.

Then we chaised Cailey around a bit.

Buddy is really fast, but Cailey's faster.

But eventually Buddy caught on and tried to eat Cailey's head.

Cailey wasn't sure what to think of it.

And then we lounged some more.  Because Buddy's a 12-week old puppy and that's what puppies do best.  Lounge and nap.

Plus it was hot.

That is all for right now since Buddy just came up on the couch and is currently taking a nap in my arm pit, making it pretty impossible to type.

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  1. The pictures are great. Hopefully Buddy is behaving himself, better. If we could only get him to stop his "nibbling"! I'm feeling a bit sorry for Cailey!


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