Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kingdom tour continues - the Magic Room

No, not that kind of magic.  I am referring to the room where beautiful and delicious meals are prepared.  The room where all the guests will gather no matter how much more specious another room might be.  It's the place for socialization, laughter, and where secrets passed on from generation to generation are told.  It's the Kitchen.

I wish I had some pictures of the kitchen before we renovated handy.  Instead, you'll just have to do with my description.  It had a rotten linoleum floor, white painted ugly rotting cabinets, nasty counters.  And the fridge, for some reason, was blocking the door in the back.   I have no idea who came up with that.

When we moved in, we knew that the kitchen would have to be fully gutted due to the rotting floor, but we didn't really know what it would take.  Especially since we decided to do it on our own.  Honestly, if you want to save some money, it's generally a good idea, but be prepared for a lot of hard work.  I think the worst part was scrubbing the linoleum off the floor.  It took over a week.  I think we may have cried.  And cursed a lot.  But we got it done and ta-da!  There it is.  Complete with new appliances, an addition of a dishwasher, and a new tile floor.

When we finally finished the kitchen, there was a spot along the wall that needed a piece of furniture.  Some extra counter space.  It took us almost a year, but we found the perfect little hutch.

It holds more junk in the drawers (we have a lot of junk), bottles of wine (as if those last long in my house), some recipes, and recipe books.  Underneath are empty cans and bottles and the dog food.  I have no idea where else I would put that stuff.  I love this hutch.  We got it at Bob's.

Above it is a wine rack we got at  I've always wanted one of these.  It holds bottles of wine (or lack there of as you can see) and my glasses.

I love wine glasses.  But I brake them a lot.  That's why there is such a large variety.

On the counter we have a tea kettle, some knives, and a picture.

The picture is of my puppies - Travis, Cailey, Jasmine, and Benny.  I know Benny is not exactly our dog, but we pretend like he is since he spends so much time with us.  We love him.  And we miss Jas.  A lot.

Moving right along - to the spice rack.

It was a wedding gift - and definitely one of my favorites.  I recommend it to anyone who'd listen.  It's from Macy's.

On my other counter is stuff that I'll be using to make eggplant parm - but more about that during another post.

That's about it.  It's small, but it's enough for what we currently need.  I love cooking and I think I finally have everything in just the right places.

Tomorrow I'll take you to see the newest addition to our renovations.   It's purple.  And pretty.  See you then.


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