Monday, April 11, 2011

Addison's Baptism

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day for a wonderful occasion.  We couldn't have planned this any better even if we could.

After taking a nap and eating, I dressed Addi in her white outfit and put a bib on top because she's a big fan of ruining outfits with her spit up or poop.  There wasn't much I could do about the poop except pack a spare white outfit.

This is us, waiting to go in to Church.  Addison fell asleep in her car seat on the way over, which was just fine by us!  I don't know why Jonathan has a poop-eating grin on his face; maybe he's just really excited.

In the middle of the service, we were invited up for Peanut's Baptism.  Our Church is very modern and easy-going so the whole thing was very low key, but incredibly nice. 

Surprisingly, Peanut did super well.  She slept until it was time for us to go up.  Then she made faces at the kids in front of us.  She didn't flinch when the Reverend put water on her face and she didn't cry when he took her from us for a couple of minutes.

She even stayed up for about 15 minutes afterwards, just hanging out in my lap and listening to the service.

Addison with her mom and dad and Godparents, Inna and Michael

Of course, that didn't last and she promptly fell asleep in my arms.

Addison with mom and dad
We stuck around for a little while to take some pictures since this was a pretty big deal.

Addison with her grandparents (my folks), her auntie Lana and uncle Mike (my sister and her bf)
And since we travel with paparazzo, there were a lot of cameras so there are pretty much no pictures of everyone looking in the same direction.

Addison with her Gigi (Jon's mom), great-grandparents, Uncle Mike and Auntie Penny (Jon's siblings)
Then we headed home for some Brunch.  Like a true Diva, Peanut had a change of outfits.

Okay, okay; that's because the perfectly white outfit would have been ruined in seconds.

All in all, the day couldn't have been any more perfect with amazing weather, amazing company, and a perfectly well-behaved little girl.


  1. Ok that is like the cutest bib ever.

  2. You and Addison both look so pretty! Love both your dresses.

  3. I agree with Navigating, love your dress! Addi looked so pretty, I can't believe she's almost 12 weeks old!!

  4. Everyone looked smashing! Glad you had such a great day :)

  5. She is SO cute! And I love your dress - gorgeous. Looks like a wonderful, memorable weekend!

  6. Congrats, and she looked precious for so long! Glad she held off for brunch!

  7. You look beautiful in that purple dress! And congrats!

  8. I agree! you look fabulous and addi is precious! such sweet pictures for a special occassion

  9. Congrats, Peanut looks so beautiful and you look great!

  10. Love your look beautiful! And so does Addison!!

  11. Fantastic pictures, you guys look so cute together! Love it

  12. Fantastic pictures, you guys look so cute together! Love it

  13. Congrats, and she looked precious for so long! Glad she held off for brunch!


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