Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Five - Things I'll miss about maternity leave

Well, today is my official last day of maternity leave.  And I'm crying you a river.

Here's what I'm going to miss about my days home with my Peanut.

1.  Cuddling in bed by ourselves after daddy leaves to go to work.  Oh sure, I love our family time.  But I'm a selfish person and sometimes I want my Peanut all to myself.

2.  Going for daily walks.  I love bundling Peanut in the carrier, leashing the dogs, and taking off.  We have no set time or plan.  It's amazing.  It's also a great time to hang out with the pups who probably feel neglected.

3.  Having no set agenda.  Aside from some doctor's appointments and a couple of playdates, we had no agenda.  If one morning I had plans to do something and then Peanut decided to throw me off with her newly adjusted schedule (it got adjusted every other day), then we just went with it.  If I didn't make it to the store one day, I'd go the next.  After all, we had all week!

4.  Realizing that I'm still unshowered and in my PJ's at 3pm and shrugging it off.  Yup. I'm just going to go ahead and say it.  Some days I really don't mind that I'm unshowered and not dressed because that means I've spent all day playing with my favorite little girl (or running around like a chicken with her head cut off because Peanut won't stop crying; I don't like those days.  Those are the days I actually hide out in the shower when Jon gets home).

5.  My camera.  I'm definitely going to miss my camera.  Since Peanut and I are so lax on my maternity leave, I've been able to take as many pictures as I wanted.

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  1. Loving those pictures, purple is definitely Peanuts colour!

  2. So sweet!! She is such a sweetie!!! I'm not doing a friday 5 today. We had a blizzard and still having horrible 65 mph wind gusts so I'm staying home today and cleaning. I thought it was spring and I was going to do some spring cleaning, but today I'll do winter cleaning.

  3. You might just have the cutest little girl in the world. I love that hat!!

  4. I won't lie - it will be a rough transition, but you will get through it and Peanut will too! Babies are pretty cool like that. Relish in your evenings and weekends with your family and do the best you can. Being a working mom is all about balance, but the key is to do the best you can and know that that is enough!

  5. I feel your pain girly! I had to go back to work 6 weeks ago and it SUCKED. I was so upset the first couple of weeks but it gets better. Luckily I went back part time and only work one 30-hour shift per week so that I can get all my hours in at once. It's ROUGH being away for that long but at least I can stay at home with my little one for the rest of the week. Other than being away from Katie, the worst part is having to PUMP for 30 hours. UGH!

    Cute outfit . . Katie has the same one! ;-) Just curious, what size is Addi in? She still looks like such a little peanut!

  6. My heart aches for you! I don't even have a little one and I am not sure how I will one day be able to leave him or her to go back to work. Your time at home will now be even precious and I can't wait to continue to watch her grow via your great pictures. Enjoy the weekend!

  7. Zoe has that same outfit....but not that cute hat! Where did you find it??!!? And my heart is just breaking for tomorrow morning when you have to go to work =(


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