Saturday, April 9, 2011

Baby registry - stuff we used, part 1

I know a few of you out there are currently expecting (yay!) and if you are anything like me, you are probably dying to find out what other people ended up using or didn't.

Peanut is now just over 11 weekw (they grow up so fast, sigh) and here's what we're glad we got so far.  I'll do this in 3 parts so you're not overwhelmed.  Then we'll cover the stuff we didn't end up using.

Part 1: the essentials.

There are so many freakin' diaper choices out there.  But these work for us - they're great at absorbing all that breast milk poop (which apparently is very different from the other kinds of poop).  Plus they're not irritating to Peanut's super sensitive skin.  If you're not sure what size to put on your registry, I think size 1 is a pretty safe choice (about 8-14 lbs).

And for those of you who are obsessive with savings, order these through Amazon.  Here's the trick that I'll share with you:
Amazon has free Prime membership for moms (or anyone, really).  Sign up and you will receive free 2-day shipping on qualifying items.
Next, Amazon has this whole Subscribe & Save thing where you can get 30% off items like diapers.  No worries, you can cancel or adjust it at any time.
And finally, subscribe to American Baby, which is free!  You get an awesome magazine and Amazon coupons in some issue.  The coupons are usually 20% off diapers or $10 off any baby purchase.  I've recently paid about $20/272 diapers and $7 for about 768 wipes.  You're welcome.

Speaking of, here are the wipes we order.  They're great - we use half the amount from the Huggies ones and they're great in our Wipe Warmer.  The Huggies ones kept separating so you had to fish the next one out.  These don't do that.  It's great when the baby is screaming on the changing table and you're already plenty frustrated.  It's also great for her sensitive little tush.

This one's tricky because everyone is so different!  I'll tell you why we chose these ones.  First off, I'm breastfeeding and, since I will be going back to work when Peanut is 12 weeks, pumping.  Since our pump is Medela, these bottles are great for pumping, storing, and feeding.  There are also lots of different tops for slow, medium and fast flow.  Be sure to also register for spare parts!

Speaking of, here is the pump I chose.  I'm going to let you in on a little secret here - I didn't make any of these decisions on my own.  My bestie Inna helped me with just about every single thing.  Boy am I glad to have had her.  That's why I thought this would be nice for you guys.  In case you don't have a bestie who just had a baby and is willing to put up with your 93856095386546 questions every single day.

I don't know about your hospital, but ours requires a car seat to take the baby home.  We chose this one for its many features and safety.  We also bought a second base because we have two cars.  On another note, if your little one is ever fussy, you can usually calm them down by putting them in the car seat and rocking it or going for a ride (thanks, Max).

What are some of your essentials?  I'm sure the new mommies-to-be out there would love more than just my ideas!

You can always check out A Few of My Favorite Things for more ideas!


  1. Since you have a graco seat (even if you didn't) and you little one loves her swing... you may like this we had it for Joshua (He had an Evenflo carrier) And it was awesome! If they sleep in the car, or if you travel a lot, you just plop the carrier into the frame and voila... a swing!

  2. Yay I love these posts! Thanks Kat!

  3. Not many people realize than if you have health insurance you can sometimes get a breastpump for a small co-pay. You just have to call your insurance and see if you have a durable medical equipment benefit. I got my ameda breat pump for free! I was able to choose between the Ameda and the Medela, both are top of the line great pumps. It never hurts to ask your insurance if its covered!

  4. I'm not a mommy, but I used to work in a daycare centre, and I think my essential would be the Dr. Brown bottles. They're meant to prevent colic, and as I was a very colicy baby, I'm betting that when I do get to be a mommy, my baby will be colicky as well, just to get me back for what my parents went through! While I do hope to breastfeed when it's my turn, I'd probably pump as well, so I would definitely be inclined to invest in the Dr. Brown bottles.

    Marie @It's a kind of Normal

    PS - Kat, I took your advice about the wordpress templates, and it didn't really work out. So I decided to create a new blogger account, and set up a new blog. I've it customised and looking like it's my own blog now, and I'm really happy with it!

  5. We use Pampers Sensitive also, both diapers and wipes. I've always used them in the NICU and like them so I figure go with what you know! And I knew about the Amazon Mom and Subscribe and Save and with those two alone you save LOADS on diapers and wipes. But I did NOT know about the coupons in American Baby!! THANKS!!

    I actually have a post about my must-haves that I've been meaning to post. My best friend is hoping you get pregnant soon so I'm hoping to document all my advice and tricks so that I don't forget anything when she has a little one of her own! Now I really need to post it!! :-D

  6. You paid $20 for 272 Pampers diapers?????????? Oh my goodness...that's amazing. Thank you thank you thank you for the tip!

  7. That diapers deal is amazing. You know I'm taking notes! Keep 'em coming.

  8. thats the same pump i have and i would officially die without it!!!!! she goes everywhere i go. LOVE it - expensive but worth every penny!


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