Saturday, April 23, 2011

Peanut - 3 Months

Well, Peanut is no longer a newborn.  She is officially an infant.

Every day is new - there are new sounds, new movements, new realizations.

All three of us are learning more and more about each other and it's amazing.

Here's a quick recap of our third month together.
  • There have been some major events this month:
  • Addi's smiling up a storm and there is evidence of laughter coming, but she's not quiet there yet.  Sometimes she'll let out a tiny short cackle.
  • A week ago we started giving Addison a bath in the toddler ducky tub and she absolutely loves it; she splashes and tries to attack her little rubber ducky.
  • Not only is Addi amazing at supporting her own head now, she's also starting to sit up and even stand up, as long as one of us is there to hold on to her; she even loves her Bumbo seat.
  • Addison is starting to swat and reach for toys.  It's hilarious to watch her grab something and then stare at her hand in complete shock.
  • On that note, she's also learned how to get her hand into her mouth.  Now it is her favorite activity.
  • Did I mention the drooling and bubble-blowing happening?  This makes the hand-in-the-mouth game extra slimy. 
  • Addison has a pretty flexible but easy-to-anticipate schedule of eating, playing and sleeping.  Most days you can rely on a nap between 8-9am, a few more every 1-2 hours of being awake and bedtime at 7:30pm.
  • And although this comes as no shock to anyone, I'm always surprised at how opinionated she has become.  She knows what she wants and when she wants it and isn't afraid to voice her opinion.  Addi will whine when she wants a paci or let out a "drama" cry when she's bored of whatever we're doing.  It amazes me to see her develop this personality.  I'm not sure who she is taking after, me or her Auntie Penny, but I love seeing her become such a strong little lady. 

Happy 3 months, my little diva.


  1. I wonder if its just girls who are divas? My Eilidh is now 16 weeks and is totally the same, if she's not happy, she'll let you know! But, when she is (which is most of the time) she is just like Addi, all smiles, hands in mouth and a few giggles!

  2. I love the last series of pictures. Well I love them all, but those are my favorite. I can't get over how much she's grown. So precious.

  3. Happy 3 months Addison!!! I know it's probably exactly how you are feeling, but wasn't it like last week that she was born??? Where did the past 3 months go????

  4. I can't believe how fast she's growing! Happy 3 month birthday :) I love that we get to see her grow up. This is why blogging is so beautiful!


  5. so cute! time flies! (sadly!)

  6. the first pic is my fav! her little face is ADORABLE!


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