Thursday, April 14, 2011

Baby registry - stuff we used, Part 2

Part 2 - the Fun stuff!

I can't believe that Peanut is going to be 3 months in just over a week.  Here's what we've been using to keep her entertained:

The sleep sheep.  It saves lives.  Ok, maybe it doesn't save lives but it does help Peanut sleep.  Ok, ok.  Maybe it helps us sleep, but whatever.  It rocks.

PS- we actually like the Travel size one better.

These are totally awesome travel toys.  You can hook them to the playmat, carseat, or whatever you want.

We actually hook this one up to Peanut's changing table because she just loves swatting at it.  Plus it keeps her completely entertained during diaper changes, which means I don't have to stress out about her crying.

This Seahorse is pretty amazing.  Peanut will actually try to touch and lick it when it's nearby.  She loves the music and lit belly and I love that it keeps going for about 5 minutes rather than having to press it over and over and over again.

Instead of a mobile, we actually put in one of these Projector soothers.  In addition to playing soothing music it projects a couple of images on to the sealing.  Peanut falls completely silent when it is on and stares up at it for a couple of minutes before falling into deep sleep.  It cuts the "pacifier" game down to about 5 minutes.

I really think a bouncer is a must for anyone with a baby.  You can choose which one you like, but we just adore this one that we borrowed from my Bestie.  It's amazing.  Peanut can be screaming and will calm down within seconds when she's in the bouncer.  Plus it's great for traveling!  The only thing is that it's a battery eater, so buy stock in Duracell now.

And since you're already invested in those batteries, you can get one of these swings.  These are also amazing for calming the baby down, although I hear that not all babies love swings.  Peanut sure does.  She especially loves the big mirror at the base of the mobile.  When you put her in, she'll just stare at herself in awe.  We borrowed this one from my bestie too, so if you're out looking at one, you might want to choose one that plugs in to the outlet rather than eats your batteries.  Jon and I had our eye on this one:

Must not forget a good carrier.

I use ours daily.  Peanut loves house tours and sometimes it's impossible to get anything done, so I pop her into one of these and continue with my day.  Other days we all go for a walk - it's very easy to walk two dogs and carry the baby with one of these (plus it's a workout!).

Of course you'll also want to buy a playmat.

This is the one we have - we got it at a tag sale for $5.  It didn't come with all the toys, but we didn't mind.  It was totally worth it!  We use it daily.

And if your baby is like mine and prefers to sit rather than lay around, you'll want a Bumbo as well.

She likes to sit in it on her playmat or while I read her books.

And these are just some of the other small toys that we love:

As usual, you an see these and any other stuff we love here:

What other fun stuff does your baby love?

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  1. We've got a lot of these things too! I just got a bumbo for half price and so far she loves it! The projector mobile looks good too, might have to try one to get Chicken to sleep in her cot!


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