Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Peanut and her family

Braylabee Winner posted here.

Did I ever tell you guys that Peanut is one lucky little gal?

Because she is.  She is part of a very big, very loving family.

All her aunts and uncles are just ga-ga over her.

Her grandparents just can't get enough of her.

(Which is evident by the amount of clothes and toys I just sorted into bins.)

(And the smiles we can't wipe off their faces even if we tried...which we wouldn't.)

And great-grandparents who love to spoil her rotten.

And then there are the cousins.

Peanut is incredibly lucky to be part of this big family.

Because there are a lot of people to love and adore her.

Which can knock the wind out of this little 3 months old.


  1. Hi Kat!! :) I tried to e-mail you but that silly email daemon came back to me, lol. I AM in CT! I live in Bristol , originally from Plainville :)


  2. I tried emailing you last week too and it came back.

    This is such a cute post. All those people would tire me out too.


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