Saturday, July 2, 2011

baby essentials in your medical cabinet

These are some of the essentials for your baby when it comes to stocking the medical cabinet.

Baby Tylenol
acorn squash for baby 025

This is a must have.  It helps with slight fevers, teething, ear infections.  Did you know that you actually can’t buy Baby Tylenol right now?  So you can only get the store brand, but CVS assured me that this is just as good.  Even after I gave them my skeptical look.

Children Allergy medicine
acorn squash for baby 027

We haven’t had the need for this one yet – but since we’re introducing Peanut to solids, we figured this is probably a good thing to have at hand.

acorn squash for baby 028

Although it is not necessary to store these in a shot glass (aren’t we classy folk?), you should have some of these.  I don’t know about your kids, but mine is constantly getting ear infections and such, so we have to make sure we’re prepared to give her some medicine.  PS- you can ask for these at your pharmacy; we asked at our CVS and they gave us a handful for free.

Nose sucker
acorn squash for baby 029

This thing rocks.  It plays music and sucks boogers out of the baby’s nose.  I know that most peeps would be satisfied to do so with a bulb, but since my kid shakes her head at the speed of light, it’s almost impossible to suck anything out without pocking her eye out.

acorn squash for baby 032

We actually have two.  We have a frontal lobe one and a rectal thermometer.  We find that the frontal lobe one is way easier and quicker to use, but it’s not as accurate.  We usually use it to figure out if Peanut has a fever and if it’s anything above 99, we usually use the other one. 

Thermometer accessories
acorn squash for baby 030
These are exactly what you think these are for.

What do you have in your medical cabinet?

Do you have an actual cabinet?  Because ours really doesn’t hold much.  So we have a medical cabinet and a drawer full of stuff.  It’s a mess.

What other stuff do we need to add to our baby cabinet?


  1. You won't be able to get concentrated drops anymore. Everything is being switched over to one suspension. Too many dosing errors by parents. Also, generic meds are just as good as name brand. I know you want the best for your sweet girl, but I promise there is no need to worry about generics. :) Also, I'm glad to see you are prepared for an allergy!! I always fuss at my friends for not having diphenhydramine in their medicine cabinets! P.S. I'm in pharmacy school. :)

  2. Great advice! I'm pregnant with two so I'll take all this in mind!! I found you through Jennifer greens blog! I hope you come by mine too!! I love your blog and I look forward to reading more!!:-)

  3. The Target brand baby/child meds are good, too. Nate is rarely sick (he's never had an ear infection) but when he seems slightly feverish or possibly has teething pain (which is also rare), they're wonderful.

  4. Found you through Whitney @ Glam Life :)

    We are getting ready to have our first- So this list was helpful :) I will say that is SOME nose sucker-- ha!!

  5. Little Noses Saline Drops. Clears nose congestion like no one's business and all natural. My kids are 6 and 10 and we still use them. Heck, the adults in the house use them!

  6. some great ideas! we don't actually use any medications such as tylenol or anything, we swear by the amber necklace for teething as well as camilla (homeopathic baby "crack!). Gripe water is a MUST for tummy upsets and gas. we use the nosefrida for sucking stuff from the nose, those bulbs, IMO, suck! (no pun intended). Isaac has yet to be sick at all so i am keeping my fingers crossed that he won't for a while!

  7. Motrin is a must have around here, it's the only thing that works for night time teething pain!

  8. That snot sucker works for you guys? We bought one because I heard that it was amazing and would help with the ear infections...but Zoe won't let us go anywhere near her nose with it...which is a bummer b/c it was $20. Ps. Love that you keep the syringes in a shot glass!

  9. Stopping by from Jenna's Journey. We couldn't live without infant tylenol! Last year my son got very sick around the time of the big medicine recall. We had to search everywhere for infant tylenol. Then my son would only take the grape kind! That stuff is priceless when you have a sick kid.


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