Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What’s in my camera bag

I don’t think it’s a shocker to anyone that I absolutely love photographs, taking photographs, and camera equipment.  Needless to say, some of my all-time favorite subjects are Peanut, Cailey, and Travis.

So let’s talk about what’s in my camera bag right now.

The camera:

Canon Rebel Xsi
(sorry but my camera isn’t good enough to take pictures of itself, so this is via amazon.com, where I actually bought it)

It came with the 18-55mm lens.  I heart my camera, although I think I’m outgrowing it.

The lenses:

camera equipment 004

Canon EFS 55-250mm f/4.0-5.6 Telephoto Lens (amazon link here)

I love this one for action shots, far away shots, and future soccer games.

camera equipment 005

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 (amazon link here)

This is the one that I take almost all of my pictures with.  It is my favorite one for portraits and Peanut-butter shots.  It’s also amazing for up-close shots of flowers and other such prettiness.


camera equipment 006

Canon Speedlight 420EX (amazon link here)

I got this one as a freebie from my grandparents.  They used to have a canon camera that they no longer use and I was trying to figure out how to afford this flash, so…yeah I lucked out.  There is a newer model that I hear is better. 

Memory cards:

camera equipment 007

SD cards 16GB (amazon link here)

I have about 5 of these in every size.  We have a video camera, the Canon DSLR and a point-and-shoot, and yet I feel like I am always out of cards.  This is mostly my fault since I am consistently leaving them out all over the place.

The bag:

camera equipment 002

camera equipment 003

Canon backpack (amazon link here)

I heart this backpack.  It lets you alter the pockets to fit your lenses, etc.  It has pockets galore, which I love since I’m a 5-year-old. 

and when I don’t feel like dragging the whole thing with me I use this:

camera equipment 009

camera equipment 008

My lovely sister-in-law got me this as part of a bridesmaid gift and I am in love with it.  Actually, I somehow have 3 of these in different designs and I use them every single day; as a camera bag, as a lunch bag, and as a bag for Peanut to take her bottles to daycare.  I can’t get enough of them - they’re super cute and just the right size.  I have no idea where she got them, sorry peeps.

So there you have it.

I’m dying for more camera stuff, especially lenses for my birthday.

Although a little birdie (my mom) told me that they already picked out my birthday present and I’m just DYING to get my grubby little hands on it!  I’m not going to give it away just yet, but let’s just say that it is a kitchen appliance that mixes things without me holding it.  That’s it.  That’s all I can divulge.  That and that I can’t freakin’ wait to have it.

What’s in your camera bag?

What’s your favorite place to buy stuff?

ps- no part of this post was sponsored in any way.  I use the amazon links because that is literally where I bought all the stuff.  Amazon - I heart you.  Marry me.


  1. Love this post... I am outgrowing the lense that came with my camera. I have recently thought about buying a new one, but I have no clue where/how to start the process.
    Happy soon-to-be birthday :)

  2. I don't have a fancy enough camera to have a camera bag.. but I want to get a good one soon! I am trying to find a great camera that won't burn a hole in my pocket!

  3. Love the black and white bag! You've reminded me that I "need" to buy a smaller mm lens.

  4. -Nikon D7000
    -Nikon 35m f/1.8
    -Sigma 18-200
    -Sandisk Extreme 16gb SDHC card
    -2 Transcend 2gb SD cards

  5. I love that you said "future soccer games". Yay Peanut! I want a macro lens badly. Christmas :)

  6. I still have a point and shoot. I am *dying* to get a nice camera but honestly am a little intimidated by them! So much to buy and learn and edit...but I think the photos would be totally worth it. Maybe one day.

  7. We are too much alike cause I love my 50mm too. I don't use flash with my camera ever and my long lens is a Canon 75-300mm F1.4.0-5.6 A 16GB Transcend and two card readers. I also just bought a Panasonic Lumix point and shoot to carry around in my purse for everyday stuff. I just don't like taking my Rebel with me everywhere I go. So I'm leaving my Rebel home and use it only for photo shoots and photos that I plan to sell.

  8. I don't have a fancy camera. That's why my pictures look so "homemade" :)

  9. I long to have a fancy camera like that! Someday!

  10. I have a Canon Rebel EOS. I got it as a wedding present from Brad. Actually, I pretty much demanded it as a wedding present and then just got it right before my wedding {the actual one that took place in September}. I haven't upgraded anything because I don't think I'm good enough to upgrade yet...and, really, because I don't have a clue what to upgrade to!

  11. I have a Nikkon D5000 and need to start trying out different settings, etc. but haven't made the time to read up on it yet. Your pictures are always so great so it was nice to see what all you have and use. :) Lana

  12. I am DYING to get into photography as my love of blogging escalates. Looks like you've got some amazing things in that camera bag of yours!

  13. I have the same camera (and in my head, I wish it was a Canon 60D) and the same stock lens and 50mm. I have been looking into the 55-250mm for my next purchase!


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