Monday, July 25, 2011

My kid likes to chew on things

Did you notice that the nice pretty Onesie stickers all start out like this:

6 months 014

But end up like this:

6 months 115

Let me show you why.

6 months 033
Hi mom.  You want me to sit nicely for pictures?

6 months 047
Then perhaps you shouldn’t put this nice white toy next to me.

6 months 049
I’m just going to chew on his arm a little.

6 months 061
Then swipe it all over the sticker.

6 months 063
And rub it in, for good measure.

6 months 059
Oh, were you trying to fool me with a paci?

6 months 055

6 months 058
You were wrong.



  1. Hehehe. I sympathize. Robby drooled so much on his tie sticker that it disintegrated and left all sorts of white sticker gunk on the onesie. Hoping it comes out in the wash!

  2. I'm sorry Kat, but Peanut is too cute, she's going to get away with murder if she holds on to that innocent 'who me?' face!

  3. If you didn't point it out, I'd never have noticed the difference. lol

  4. She's so cute! I'd guess most kids would chew in it, they seem to chew on everything! The nurse at the doctors office put a sticker on my shirt today (I guess I was be rewarded for not crying) and my daughter spent the next 15 minutes gnawing on my shirt while we waited to check out.

  5. Super cute, she's got sooo much hair too!

  6. I've been having a bad day so I thought lets go see Peanut. Sure enough I smiled and wished I lived closer to you so I could spoil her rotten! lol


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