Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Commenting Challenge

This year I am participating in a commenting challenge at Jenna’s Journey.

Here are the rules:
Starting tomorrow (Monday, the fourth) we will comment on 10 blogs per day for 7 days. Just choose 10 blogs from the list (linky) to visit.

If you are here from the link up, here’s a little about The Kings:

King_ (293)

Jon and I met in college, moved in together as buds, decided to start dating, got married and decided to start a family.

This is Peanut.

Sundress 008

She’s the love of our lives.

She shares her space with these two:

cailey-white dog

travis-black dog

They used to be the loves of our lives, but are now chopped liver.

Feel free to snoop around.


  1. That's so cool! I wanna play!

  2. Love your wedding dress. The bottom is so pretty!

  3. Peanut is so cute! And so are the dogs, even if they are chopped liver. =)

  4. Your Wedding-Dress is plain awesome (as your Hub´s head-deco, har-har)! And the Wee-One... cute as always (love that Wedding-Dress).

  5. Great intro and loved the pics! Found you through Jenna's Journey!


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