Monday, July 11, 2011

Brothers & Sisters

As requested, here’s an update on Peanut and her puppies.

Because that is exactly what’s going on at our house - Peanut thinks that the dogs are her puppies.

Food, pool and puppies 084

Among the very first things that Peanut noticed when she started to notice objects were the dogs.  She is absolutely in love with them.

Food, pool and puppies 115

They’re the jelly to her Peanut butter.  She loves to watch them, laughs at their every move (especially when Cailey sneezes), and even lets them lick her (although I don’t let them lick her face).

Food, pool and puppies 109

They’ve become the reason for many of her milestones - she couldn’t wait to sit up so she could get her grabby little hands on them; her first real belly laugh came when Cailey tried to chew Travis’ ear; she’s learning how to walk (yup, I’m not kidding) because she wants to chase them around.

Food, pool and puppies 095

We still have quiet a few rules around here.  The puppies know that they cannot be in Peanut’s room unattended (Travis has a tendency to rip everything he can reach apart).  They’re not allowed to rough house while Peanut is around (Cailey can get mouthy by accident when she gets over excited).  They’re not allowed to lick her face (Travis has the hardest time with this one).

Food, pool and puppies 094

And we never, ever leave the kid unattended with the dogs.  Although we’re sure that nothing would ever happen and that the pups love her as much as they love us, it’s just not worth it to find out otherwise.

Food, pool and puppies 103

We’ve also started teaching Peanut a little more about the dogs.

puppies 006

She’s started to grab their fur very roughly, so we grab her hand before it reaches them and pet the dogs together “nicely.”

puppies 008

This doesn’t always work because Peanut is very quick to find something she’s not supposed to do and then go for it as fast as possible.

puppies 023

Thankfully, we’ve been prepping the dogs to such treatment by grabbing their fur hard and often.  At this point they either take it, or simply stand up and walk away.

puppies 048

Since that won’t work with other dogs, we want to get Peanut started on the right track for success with the pups.  Otherwise, how else would she be the next Dog Whisperer?

Does anyone remember this pic?  Aww Peanut, why do you keep growing so quickly?

Check out the original post about babies and puppies here.

How do you work with your dogs to make sure they’re playing safely with the dogs?

Do all your pack members get along?


  1. OMG!!! That last picture makes my heart hurt!!

  2. Gosh... she is sooo cute! My girlfriend just had a little girl and they have a big dog at home. I'm sending her the link to your blog :)

  3. Wow, seeing that last picture is crazy in comparison! Thank you for not letting them lick her face! I am so grossed out when I see people letting their dogs do that. Don't they see the damn dog licking itself? I mean my dog eats crap, literally and licks herself. There is no way in hell I'd ever let her lick my face!

  4. We're actually having a fair amount of trouble on the dog front at the moment. Harper is starting to be fairly jealous, and will, literally, fight me for my attention. She's chewing things she knows she shouldn't, constantly harassing me, and, worst of all, batting at Robby (giant GSD paw + baby? Not good) We're trying to exercise her more, give her more attention on her own, reinforce the rules, all that, but the past week or so has not been going well.

  5. My kid has that same blue romper and green flower dress! :)

    I'm glad that your dogs are tolerant of the baby play! My dog sometimes hides from the baby, but usually she will lay close by so she can watch the baby play.

  6. Our herd isn't getting along that well right now. Molly (pup) annoys the crap out of Tails (cat). I sometimes wish Tails had claws so he could get a few good scratches on Molly. I'm sure she'd leave him alone then. It seems we are constantly yelling, "Molly quit chasing Tails," "Molly leave Tails alone," "Tails get her!"

  7. I can't believe that last pic was only a few months ago! I can't believe that she is starting to walk?! What's next, rollerblading?

  8. "They’re the jelly to her Peanut butter." That made me giggle :) Such a cute post. Isn't it great to have such good pets? My dog is WONDERFUL with the kids and they love him.

  9. Such cute pics. I'm sure she will be best friends w/ the dogs as she grows up. I loved growing up w/ dogs. I use to dress mine up and polish her nails! :)

  10. OMG I want to hug Peanut! Also, I love the picture of her between both of the pups. They seem to get along well!

  11. I really wish we had more sensitive parents like you over here. So many bad and real bad accidents with dogs and kids over here... you read it in the news too often.
    Great job and my, she´s soooo cute!

  12. I love how she pets them!!! We are careful with Wilma and our nieces. She has never done anything to them at all, but we don't want to risk it. Like you said, it isn't worth it.

  13. You can always tell the kids that grow up with dogs. When I tell Bubba to be nice to his friends, he goes over and pets them on the head.

  14. Boy has she grown up. I cannot believe that last picture.

  15. Oh my goodness those pictures of peanut are beyond cute!! We don't currently have a peanut or a pup but were working on changing the pup part soon!! ;) hopefully, there will be a peanut in the semi near future as well!!

  16. I'm pretty sure that you are a husband and I have 1 puppy and 0 babies/kids, and it's all we can do to keep him from chewing through our house and moving on to the rest of the neighborhood!

  17. Oh, my! Those pictures are precious! It is hard to believe that they grow up so fast. Looking at those images makes me so excited for the days that lie ahead when Lydia will be able to play and interact, but at that same time that means that she will no longer be my little baby. Bittersweet! :) Lana

  18. We are totally on the same page! Our dog Champ loves AM and they play really well together! Champ tries to lick her face but she has gotten better at defending herself! So cute!

  19. And this is EXACTLY why we need to get a puppy shortly after we have a baby!


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