Saturday, July 9, 2011

Homemade baby food - apples and pears

Peanut seems to really love this whole food idea we’ve been introducing her to.  So we press on.

On the menu this past week were apples and pears.

Food, pool and puppies 001

Because apples and pears are on the Dirty Dozen list, we bought organic.  I think that raised the price a little, but considering that we still got about 20 portions for about $5, I’m over it.

Food, pool and puppies 003

After talking to my bestie, Inna, I decided to try one of her “recipes.”  Instead of baking, I peeled, cubed, and boiled the apples and pears for about 10 minutes in about 1-2 inches of water.  Then used my immersion blender to get it down to a nice, watery paste.

At first, Peanut did not like the apples.  She just kept making gagging faces with each spoonful, but reaching out for more.  After a few bites, she got used to it and seemed to really love it!

eating collage

I think we may try bananas next!


  1. How fun! Eli loved him some mashed up bananas at that age!

  2. We also introduced Katie to apples this week! We started solids at six months and so far I've made sweet potatoes, carrots, apples and bananas. I bought $7 worth of organic fruits and veggies and have almost 50 ice cubes of food! We've tried all but bananas and they are on the menu next!

    Katie took right to solids. She loves them and knew right away to open up wide for the next spoonful. I love all these new stages, so fun and exciting!

  3. How cute :) I was lazy and just bought organic applesauce and made her eat that instead!

  4. Your daughter is adorable! I am totally going to be asking for advice in a few weeks when we start on the "real" food. I want to make ours as well.

  5. I can't believe your little one is already eating food. It seems just like yesterday I was reading about her birth and then your return to work. CRAZY! Now, with my little one, I am understanding again how fast time does fly! Peanut is precious and I love reading your blog! :) Lana


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