Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I have an addiction

I got a new Crate & Barrel catalogue…and have been daydreaming about these…


You see, I am in DIOR need of new dinner wear.  Mine is missing settings and has cracks.


But then, I also saw these:


Don’t they make you want to come over to my place for some appetizers?


Which of course led to this:


I’m missing this from my set.


Which reminds me, I don’t have a set.


I also don’t have enough storage containers.  I believe these will do.


Oh, and these too.


Did you know I store my floor and sugar in dog treat bowls?  Don’t worry - they’re clean…


And speaking of things I need to replace, could I ask for a couple of these?



My couch pillows are so old and gross, I’m considering giving them to Travis, the pillow eater.


And then I noticed the link to this…




…see you all in about 10 years when I’m done swooning over the adorable baby and kids stuff.


Do you have a store where you can’t resist a thing?

Have you ever been to The Land of Nod?  Are you addicted?


  1. If you're ordering, I'll take a set of the appetizer plates ;-)

  2. They have some pretty cool stuff, but I've never ordered from them. I'm not a big shopper but I can't leave Hobby Lobby without some scrapbooking supplies or a new craft idea.

  3. Don't miss lusting after their tea dispenser either. It's my favorite thing in my whole house, especially in the summer.

    And...can't you claim people should give you these as a late birthday present? (Or as I see it, a "secondary level" birthday present?)

  4. I was JUST scouring the website because we've moved and are trying to figure out how to furnish our house. The Land of Nod is awesome, but I can't let myself wander into the girl section because we don't know if this next baby is a girl yet.

    BUT if you have an AMEX, you get points at C&B and all sorts of awesome stores. This is a good thing.

  5. I heart Crate & Barrel. I also heart Target, Lucky Brand & Pottery Barn.

  6. I need those glass storage containers. They are amazing. The container store is a dangerous one for me. Thankfully it's far enough away that I'm not tempted very often.

  7. I love C&B! We registered there, and whenever they have a sale I buy more of our stuff. My latest addiction is apparently PetSmart, since I am there almost every other day and seem to think my puppy needs everything in the store that I never even knew existed.

  8. You can never have enough storage containers... it ALL looks very pretty. :)
    came across your blog via FTLOB -- really enjoyed your post there.

  9. Ooooh it's all so pretty!! Don't you wish you had unlimited funds???

  10. I'm with Gina on this one. I'm glad that The Container Store is NOT near me at all. I'd spend every last dollar I have there.

  11. OMG! I am in love with those jars. I've been looking for some yummy candy jars, and those might do the trick....too bad I don't need them yet.

  12. I love buying presents for my nieces at The Land of Nod! It's such a fun store!

  13. Coming over from FTLOB because I also love wine, food, dogs, and the other things you mentioned . . .

    I need a whole bunch of new storage containers, too. And there are about 6 million stores I can't resist - from Pottery Barn to Peir One to Target.

  14. I never feel that way about home store stuff, but I get pretty nuts for running gear. I want it all.

  15. Crate and Barrel is my store! I could spend days of my life and thousands of dollars in their store. The glass canisters / dog treat bowl for flour? Love it! I'm definitely stealing the idea just as soon as I can get my hand on a good set.


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