Monday, July 18, 2011

My awesome birthday weekend

Jon’s mom is totally awesome and came to our house this weekend to babysit so Jon and I could celebrate my birthday.

We went out to see the new Harry Potter movie at an IMAX 3D.

photo 1
Jealous of our awesome glasses?

After helping Jon’s mom put Peanut to bed, we also got to go out to dinner.

photo 2
Pomegranate cosmo...that's how I roll

The whole day and evening was amazing.

On Sunday (my actual birthday), we woke up, I opened loads of awesome presents, and we enjoyed a wonderful brunch as a family and then go to hang out and take some photos.

a-bday weekend 176
Our little family of 5

a-bday weekend 153
The Kings

a-bday weekend 221
The loves of my life

a-bday weekend 262
She loves being an airplane

a-bday weekend 190
My cool kid

I also got to play with my new fish-eye lens!

a-bday weekend 109
Cailey wanted to say hi

a-bday weekend 111
and smell the new lens

How was your weekend?


  1. is it me or does cailey actually look cute through a fisheye lens?

  2. I love all those pictures. And that one of cailey is so funny!!

  3. I love the pic of her with the sunglasses and hat. Seriously, too cute!

  4. I find it so funny that I look at the picture of Addi and Jon and think "Wow, she looks so much like her dad", and then see the picture with you and think, "Wow, no, she looks just like you!" What a cute little chameleon.

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! Your little one is getting so big. She is precious!

  6. That sounds like an awesome weekend!And Peanut is just so cute. I love the hat and glasses!

  7. Happy belated birthday! I'm glad you had such a great weekend. :)

  8. Happy belated one! You´re such a cute family :-)

  9. Looks like the perfect birthday weekend, Kat! The whole family looks picture perfect (per usual), but especially Peanut :)

  10. Happy belated Birthday!!!!!! Looks like a great day!

  11. What a cute little family you have!!! And happy belated birthday! :) AND congrats on your FTLOB feature!!!

  12. what a lovely way to celebrate. I hope you get your birthday wish. Happy belated Birthday! We spent the weekend making happy memories with our grandchildren. Hugs!

  13. So....happy birthday a day late =) So glad you had a great day! that lens looks like it's a ton of fun! And I'm IN LOVE with that family pic in B&W

  14. Goodness your child looks adorable on film! Happy birthday again!

  15. Love the pictures!!! :) Looks like a fabulous birthday weekend!

  16. Great photos! It looks like you had a fantastic birthday and weekend! :)

  17. Peanut is sooo adorable.. and clearly so COOL!

    Glad you were able to get out with your hubby for your birthday. 3D glasses are whats in style. I may or may not have taken mine home with me after I saw Transformers.

    THen I may or may not have worn them in my classroom... my kids thought I was one weird person :)

  18. Looks like you had a fabulous birthday!!!
    By the way, birthdays are my favorite. Lots of presents are a must.
    Maybe I'm still 12? But I want cake, ice cream and presents! :)

  19. Hi Kat, new follower here, visiting you from your feature on FTLOB! Happy (belated) birthday to you...looks like you enjoyed the royal treatment (hardy har) with your hubby and family. And YAY for lots of gifts - that's always a good time. :)

    Love the fisheye lens...I've been thinking about investing in one of those myself but can't seem to justify the cost when I already have 3 lenses as it is. So maybe I will just come here and adore your fish-eye photos and live vicariously through you! Love the lens-sniffing photo!

    Anyway, just wanted to say hello...nice to meet you! :)

  20. Ah! Your daughter is too cute! Super cute blog :)


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