Monday, May 23, 2011

6 ladies with something in common

These six beautiful ladies met this weekend:
Molly, Emily, Kim, Kari, Katie and me

because of this:

I should be honest with you…4 of us are kind of cheaters.
Kari, Emily, Molly, Katie and Kim

We knew each other.  In fact, we work together.  And therefore see one another every single day.  But we did get to meet 2 more beautiful bloggers to add to our little growing network.
Emily and Kari (two of the ladies I work with)

The dinner was delicious, the conversations were amazing.
To be even more honest…the wine helped.

I’m not going to lie to you, this was one of the most wonderful nights.  The ladies that joined us for dinner were incredible – and every bit what I imagined just from following along with their blogs.

Let me introduce you:
(from left front and going around the table…)
Kim from Book Worm Runs
Emily from Life on Food
Kari from Running Ricig
Lil’ ol’ me from….welll…here
Molly form MK & an MBA
Katie from Love is Everywhere
Molly and Katie

We talked about our blogs, how we got started, what keeps us going, and our inspirations and aspirations.
Oh and we ate.
Kari and soup

and we took lots of pictures.
Kim, Emily and Kari

Because that’s what we do best.
me, Molly, and Katie

Well, that and write. And for some of us, run.  And others, learn.  And yet others, love.  Okay, so taking pictures is just a small part of what we do best, but you get the drift.  We took a lot of them.
And then this beautiful lady whipped out the presents.

It’s just her nature.
Kim and Emily

Like it’s my nature to enjoy presents.

And then we schemed about the next Meet up.  If you’re interested in being kept in on the details, leave a comment or shoot one of us an e-mail.  We’d love to expand our awesome network.


  1. lol, it looks like Emily and I were the newbie bloggers :)

    I still have breadsticks in my fridge...lunchtime snack? I think so

  2. LOVE!!!! I really need a camera like yours...gorgeous pictures!!! Can't wait for the next meet up!! :) xoxo

  3. How fun!!!! I wish I lived closer cause you girls look like a lot of fun!!!

  4. So much fun! Nice pictures ;) Can't wait for the next one. And I'm so taking you up on hitting up that vineyard in Clinton.

  5. It looks like yall had a blast! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Reading all of the recaps makes me want a date for the next, yesterday!

  7. So fun! Wish I lived closer so I could have joined this lovely group of ladies.

  8. Kat! This is so beautifully written, well put together. You're a great story teller ;) I'm waiting to hear back on the details of the location I e-mailed you about. I can't wait, it'll be so much fun! I know of some more people who e-mailed me. I think Southington will work for a lot of people!


  9. looks like lots of fun!!

  10. Wow! I didn't know we had so many bloggers in CT! Please come join our FB group for CT Bloggers- email me (any of you that see this) for the link
    I will try to visit the rest of your blogs later- I am

  11. I wish I still lived in CT! I would have loved to do this with you ladies!


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