Friday, May 13, 2011

FF–Things I’m thankful for

Yay It’s Friday!  Is anyone else as excited as I am?  I think it’s because I get to spend a whole weekend with my little Peanut.  And on that note, today’s Friday Five is 5 things that I’m thankful for.

PS- Did you know today is Friday the 13th?

1.  Jon.  I am always thankful for Jon.  He’s an amazing husband, incredible father, and my best friend.  There isn’t enough room to write out all the things I’m thankful for with him, but today I’m thankful that he’s taught me how to be more patient.  Especially when he annoys me.

2.  My family.  I’m soooo thankful for my family for being there for me.  They’ve been supportive and loving.  But I’m also thankful for Jon’s family that’s now just as much mine.  I love them all and am excited to be part of this big, close family.

3.  Peanut-butter-face.  I can’t believe I get to be her mommy.  I’m one lucky lady.

4.  My job.  We all know that things aren’t always perfect at work – but I have one!  And I love it.  So there ya have it.

5.  Wine.  Didn’t see that one coming, did ya peeps?  Then again…maybe you did.  No need to explain except to point out that I’m having a glass tonight Winking smile

Ahh and of course, all you friends.

Link up your Friday Five!


  1. at work? I'm jk ;) are you busy on 21st? Want to come meet us for CT Bloggers?

  2. Enjoy the wine! I'll be having some too :)


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