Monday, May 16, 2011

Q & A–the A

I think Q&A is becoming one of my fav recurring posts.  I love your questions! 



Here are some answers:


Emily @ The Culinary Couple asked me what we use for a stroller.  Well, Em, we use the Bob Revolution.  And we are obsessed!



It is possibly the coolest stroller ever (ps- this is the new model they just released while ours is last year’s model).  It is a jogging stroller, which is awesome for us when I start running again (I have to wait until Peanut is 8 months).  But it’s actually an amazing all-around stroller with a pivoting front wheel, sick suspension, and impressive turning radius.  It’s lightweight (which is awesome since I have to load and unload it by myself); it folds up in half to go in your trunk (“like a gloooooove”); it can go anywhere (it even navigates through the sand without ruining the wheels).  So yeah.  I’d recommend it.



Carrie @ Life in the Slow Lane wanted to know if I knew English before I moved to the US and what baby item I can’t live without.


My sister and I were actually signed up for some English classes a couple of months before we decided to move to the US.  We learned to say, “Hello”, “My name is (insert name)” and “I don’t speak English.”  I think that about sums it up.  When we moved to the US, our parents put us straight in to school and then summer camp for the summer to immerge us into the English-speaking culture.


As for the baby item.  Ahh! I’m stumped.  I feel like it’s something new every day!  Peanut goes through things and grows things out left and right.  I think right now I couldn’t live without this bouncy seat.



(I can’t find our exact one but this is almost the same thing).


We literally don’t leave the house without it.  It calms Peanut down in seconds when she’s grumpy, she is able to take naps in it when we’re at someone’s house, and it almost always gets a little giggle out.  We actually hang other toys from it for her to play with.



Robin @ FindGoodInEveryDay asked if we live by the beach – we do!  We’re about 2 or 3 miles from Hammonasset Beach State Park (where we went for a walk on Mother’s Day) and a couple of miles from the Madison private beaches. 


First mother's day 040


Personally, I wouldn’t actually go in the water there (yucky sound) but we love taking advantage of the sandy beach, nice walks, and gorgeous views.


  1. Thanks again for the Bob recommendation!

  2. My sister is younger so she has NO accent! Crazy what a couple of years in age can do! You'll have to listen out for mine on cutie Peanut videos.

  3. Oh and I think I'll get the bouncy chair for my friend for her baby shower. Thanks for the idea!

  4. This is a fun post! How scary for you and your sister to move to the US. I think you need to post a video of your scary Russian accent! lol

  5. That picture of the beach makes me want to go on holidays!!!! I'm sure I probably flew over it in a plane last summer on my way from Ireland to JFK airport :) now I wish I could go back to the states this summer :)

  6. Gina- I think it has better suspension than my car lol

  7. "But it’s actually an amazing all-around stroller with a pivoting front wheel, sick suspension, and impressive turning radius." I actually lol'd here b/c you sound like a spokesperson for a car company not a stroller! :)


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