Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Are you working hard or hardly working

Since I'm back at work, I thought it would be only fair to share with you the space which houses my butt for at least 9 hours of every day, 5 days a week.

Ladies and gentlemen (that's right, I'm looking at you George), this is my cubicle.

Cubicle, these are my peeps.

Let's dive in, shall we?

Are you jealous of my double monitors?  That's just how we roll in IT.

On the left we have my piles of things that need to be done.  But I haven't done them.  Along with my phone that has a voice mail which I haven't check yet. Hmm...maybe I should have done all these before I posted.  Then I would probably have more work to do.  It seems like there is always more to do.

And these are my janitor keys.  Except they're more like IT keys.  To server rooms, IT closets, IT rooms, more IT closets.  And pretty much to everything else.  I lug these around like a cool kid.  I know you're jealous.

Above the stack of papers that I really need to get to tomorrow are pictures of my little Peanut.  She brightens my day.

These were the first things to go up when I got into the office.

And more pictures.  The top right is from our honeymoon.  Next to it are some pictures from my ex-roomy's wedding (love you Heath) and the birth announcement for Peanut.  On the left is the picture from Addi's Baptism.

On the right (we're moving along here people, keep up) are more files.  These are actually of stuff that I finished and filed away (see - I do work!).  Along with the gorgeous flowers my husband sent me on my first day back at work.  And hidden behind those is my UMASS Security mug.  Which, by the way, I haven't seen in the past couple of days.  Who stole my mug?!

And just in case my pile of pictures hasn't made me smile, I have one right by my monitor.  This one always makes me smile.

And across all this, I have more desk.

This one's for doing geeky computer stuff.  Right now it just has my cleaning supplies.  Because I spent an hour cleaning my desk when I got back.  I hate dust.

So there you have it.  That's my office space.

What's in your office space?  Do you have a cubicle?  Or an office? I want an office...


  1. I have a cubicle...though...due to lay-offs I kind of have my own wing. ;)

  2. I just went back to work. Always thought I would hate double monitors but I LOVE them! And my pictures of my Peanut were the first thing I brought in, too. They're everywhere. My husband says I'm obsessed. :)

  3. Yeah I know you're jealous of my office :) too bad I have to share it... :(

  4. The company I work is a sunflower confection processing plant so we don't have fancy offices and I get to wear jeans every day of the week. I'm an Administrative Assistant so I sit in the main part of the office. I call this area my office since both of my bosses have their own offices! So really I have the biggest office in the whole business! lol

  5. It's so clean! No office, no desk as of yet. But I'm starting a second job next week, which has promises of some sort of surface space.

  6. Very clean cube! For years, I lived in cube land and now with my new job I share an office with two other ladies. One of them only works once a week so really, it's just one other person. I love my new work space :-)

  7. I've got a whole classroom, well I did before I went on maternity year. For the next year it belongs to someone else, which makes me (only a little) sad. I went in to see the kids a while back and it looks so different, messier even, but thats probably because I'm fussy about having a tidy room! I just have to let go I guess.

  8. Cute.. so neat. I have an office and it is a HUGE mess. I'm too embarrassed to take pics right now but I have some from when I first got it.

  9. your computer seems HUGE compared to the cubicle that I had at my old was so tiny. And your cubicle is so NEAT!


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