Thursday, May 5, 2011

New look

What do ya think? Love it? Like it a lot? Love it a lot?

Here's the story.

My last design I did by myself.  It took days.  And it was challenging.  But it was fun.  But it took days.

Days I just didn't have this time around.

Then I found Jenn.  (cue angels singing).  That's right.  She made this.

Want one of your own?  Check out Jenn's site:


  1. super cute, esp. trav's head for q&a

  2. So pretty! I eventually want to get a "real" design on my blog too, but am still not sure of the look and feel I want to commit to.

    Yours looks fab!

  3. So adorable! Love the pic of Peanut and her butterfly! ;-)

  4. Like they say at Mickie D's ... I'm lovin' it!!


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