Sunday, May 15, 2011

iPhone is for babies

We’re relaxing this rainy, icky Sunday.  And to keep Peanut entertained I decided to download a couple of baby apps on my iPhone.

New toys 055

She loved them.

New toys 057

She figured out how to switch between pictures almost immediately.

New toys 062

Does anyone else see a problem here?

New toys 065

Like the fact that I’ll never be able to use my iPhone freely again?

New toys 071

Or that I will be spending a fortune on electronics for the rest of this one’s life…


  1. They make baby apps? lol I gave Joshua my old phone (without battery) and that seems to amuse him enough to keep him away from my droid :-P . . . for now . . .

  2. You have created a monster!!!!!!!! lol

  3. Um, at 4 months that is just INSANE! to think we didn't have cell phones until we were like 16. crazy!


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