Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I’m saving that for later

Guess what we started today?

What is this?

Our very first solids!

At our 4 month appointment, our pediatrician asked us to tell her what Peanut did while we ate.  So we did.  We told her how she follows the chips from the bag to my mouth.  How she freezes and watches any time one of us tries to stuff our face.  How she loves to smell whatever we’re tasting.

So our pediatrician said that it sounds like Addison wants to try that food for herself.  And we had to oblige.

Mom, go faster!

I was scared.  And nervous.  I’m not sure what about, but I’m guessing it has something to do with her growing up way too quickly.

Ugh, here, let me help you

But from this very first meal, it looks like I shouldn’t have.  Because she seemed to love it.

Must shove food into mouth

She thought it was the funnest thing.  Ever.  She watched me scoop it in her mouth, then tried to help by shoving her hands (covered with rice cereal) in as well.

I'm saving that for later

Then she got tired of not being able to gobble up a ton of it, so we quit while we were still ahead.

So there you have it.  We have a kid who’s eating solids.

Dear time – I quit.  Could you quit as well?

When did your little ones start eating solids?

What’s your favorite meal?


  1. That last picture is the funniest one so far! Pretty soon she'll be eating off your plate! Can you handle it??!

  2. Sounds like daughter takes after mother :)

  3. Those pictures just make me laugh. She's so sweet.

    Well living in Kansas I'm pretty sure I would be asked to move if I didn't say that steak & pototoes are my favorite meal. lol But I also love sausage pizza, thin crust! I could eat that all the time.

  4. I love the messy face picture - those are the best! When Maddie started solids (around 4.5mos) I used to have her eat without a shirt on sometimes to prevent the mess! We love just about anything here - a favorite of myself and my daughter (not so much daddy) is eggplant parmesan! you will be amazed at what little ones will eat!

    PS. i love your blog and your little peanut!

  5. My little one started eating solids around 6 months. She hated rice cereal so we just moved on to the veggies. She loved it. Peanut is so dang cute! I am currently pregnant so anything that stays down in my favorite meal right now!

  6. Love the pictures!!! So adorable!

  7. How cute! Congrats on solids. Just stopping by. Following you from the Catch a Wave Wednesday Blog Hop. Would love a follow back: Currently we have a posting prize for bloggers. Come check it out!

  8. So cute! Zoe started right after her 4 month check up. We did rice alone for like a week or something and then I moved to veggies asap. Solid food is a lot of see so much of their personality come out. The only thing that Zoe has flat turned down is avocado, she tried it twice and then started gagging {not choking, just being dramatic} which is the exact same reaction I had until I was like 25.


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