Monday, May 9, 2011

Best Mother’s Day EVER

This year was my first Mother’s Day.  Wanna see what we did?
We woke up (early as usual) and spent some time playing and smiling with Peanut.  Then we showered, dressed, packed a diaper bag and headed to our favorite breakfast place.
First mother's day 001
This place has flamingos everywhere. I love it.  The best part about our brunch (aside from my company) was that it was the first time this year that we got to sit outside. 

(Side note – I really need new hi-lights. Don’t worry I have an appointment next weekend so you won’t have to look at my icky roots any more.)
Peanut, as usual, woke up just minutes before our food arrived so Jon and I took turns holding her and eating.

After breakfast (and a quick stop at home to feed Peanut and grab the pups), our little family headed over to the beach.

Did you notice anything different?

Peanut-butter face is in the big girl stroller!

Sunday morning Jon and I decided that it was time to let Peanut try the stroller without the car-seat attachment.

She loved it! 

We reclined the seat for her nap and then pulled it up when she woke up.

The puppies had a really good time too, since it’s been a couple of weeks since they’ve had a decent walk.

After about 5 million pictures by the beach,

we headed home to take a snack break (for Peanut) and to drop off the pups before our next destination.
We picked up some lunch (Cohen’s in Madison – YUM!) and headed over to the Clinton Winery.

Jon and I did the tasting

while Peanut took a nap (she’s not 21 yet).

Then I got a glass of my favorite Chardonnay (2005 Estate Reserve Chardonnay) and we set up for a little picnic.

All in all, this was pretty much an amazing day.  I couldn’t have asked for anything more from my first Mother’s Day. 
What about you?  What did you do on Mother’s Day?  Was this your first Mother’s Day?


  1. You and Jon look great, and Peanut is precious as usual! Sounds like a phenomenal Mother's Day! Congrats on having your first one. :)

  2. I love all those pictures. The second from last melts my heart!!

    I got to sleep in until 10 (HUGE SHOCKER!!!) Tails (our cat) gave me a Mother's day card. Surprisingly he has the same left handed hand writing that TNT has. hmmmmm!

  3. Honestly, that sounds like the best day ever. 1. I wish we lived near a beach
    2. I wish my husband liked wine

  4. Yeah...I tried to tone down exactly how bad the day was on my post. But yours sounds awesome! And I can't believe how incredible you look!

  5. What type of stroller do you guys have? Peanut looks so cozy! Also ... sounds like a lovely first Mother's Day!

  6. I love it! Looks like you had a pretty amazing first Mothers Day, and it is totally setting the bar for all the future mothers days that you will have! From the pictures it really does look like the perfect day :)

  7. I also went for a walk on the beach with my mom!

  8. Sounds like an amazing Mother's Day! And I love the photos. You have a lovely family.

  9. Honestly, that sounds like the best day ever. 1. I wish we lived near a beach
    2. I wish my husband liked wine


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