Sunday, May 29, 2011

A quick update

Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day filled with family, some delicious food, and lots of pictures.

a-Memorial day weekend 338
Family Photo
But before I go into all sorts of details about our amazing day in the next post or two, I thought I’d update you on a couple of things going on in our household.

a-Memorial day weekend 081
Peanut with her auntie Penny
- We tried to give Peanut her first solids – rice cereal – for 3 days.  However, since her tongue reflex is still going strong (meaning, she pushes the food out with her tongue as an automatic reflex to prevent from chocking), we decided to stop for a few days and try again next week.  We’ll continue in the same manner – trying for a couple of days at a time, then stopping for 4-6 until she starts eating the food instead of just pushing it out.

a-Memorial day weekend 122-2
Peanut and her Gigi
-  Based on Peanut’s behavior (her hands are ALWAYS in her mouth, she only wants the paci for about 1 minute when she wakes up, etc), our pediatrician suggested that we may want to take away the pacifier now because it seems to just wake Peanut up at night.  She also thinks that we will be successful if we tried some sleep training.

a-Memorial day weekend 167
Playing with Penny and uncle Tim
- We’ve been thinking and reading and talking to others about it and decided to go through with it.  The sleep training starts this weekend and I’ll write a post once we’re done if it’s successful or not.   We’re going through with it for 3 days and if things don’t get significantly different, we’ll reevaluate.
a-Memorial day weekend 184
Peanut loves being an airplane
-  Jon and I went out on our very first date on Friday night while Jon’s mom babysat.  It was incredible!  The restaurant was a recommendation by my boss – it was this little Italian place and it was AMAZING!  Like, amazing!  Jon and I even managed to talk about things other than the baby for a few minutes.  The baby slept soundly through the whole date.

a-Memorial day weekend 244
She looks just like her auntie :)
-  Peanut is finally laughing!  And babbling.  Almost non-stop.  It’s so cute.  Her favorite subjects are the puppies.  She loves to watch them, then squeals with delight when they come over to her.

a-Memorial day weekend 314
Playing with uncle Mike and his puppy, Buca

Well, that’s about it folks.  How are things going? 
Do you have any success or failure stories about sleep training?


  1. I love the first pic of you guys. she looks so much like Jon's family!

  2. Joshua hated the plain rice cereal when he started eating. he loved the banana flavored rice cereal though :) not that that helps with reflexes... judt saying :-P

  3. What do you mean "sleep training"? What method are you using? We were really successful with Zoe sleeping through the night. By the time that she was 2 months old she was sleeping from 8pm-7am, and with the exception of when she's sick, she never wakes up at night. My advice would might need more than 3 days. Our motto here is: make a game plan, both parents stick to it, and we do it for 2 weeks..if it doesn't work in 2 weeks it's not going to work and we move to something else. You can do anything for 2 weeks {That's what I tell myself}. Whatever you do...good luck!

  4. I love that first family picture!!! What a gorgeous family you have! :) So glad you had an amazing date, too! Have a great rest of the weekend and good luck with the sleep training!

  5. Hi Kat, I wrote on your Q&A post a couple weeks back and stopped by again! I've been meaning to comment on your post from last week or so where you talked about Addi and her sleep habits. I can't remember if someone else wrote about this already, but I've been doing some research (I'm the one who has a daughter who is 4 months old and named Addison too!), and there is supposed to be something called a "4 month wakeful phase" or "4 month sleep regression". Babies suddenly start waking up more often for a variety of reasons, including a change in their sleep cycles, their body working extra hard on new developments, etc. Or, it could early teething?

    My husband and I have actually just started talking about sleep training too, so I'm excited to see how it goes for you. I know every baby is different, but it's always so helpful to see what other parents are going through, and words of wisdom they can share. What form of sleep training are you using and how did you choose which method to use?

    Good luck with it and looking forward to hearing about your experience! :)

  6. I LOVE Addi! Her little face is just so darned precious! More pictures please!!!

    I agree with Rebecca! When we worked with Anne Margaret to get her on a good schedule, it took us about a week. Hang in there! Its tough the first few days but after that is totally worth it. I cant wait to hear about it all. And we were the same on the rice took her a while to get it. I was eager about starting solids, but she kept tongue thrusting it out so we waited. At about 5.5 months she was ready and hasnt stopped eating since!!!

    This has nothing to do with babies, but I totally want a post about your ex who is now on the bachelorette! hahahah!

  7. Hey there,
    Just back from holiday, and I think we are going through the same things! In England the advice is to wait for solids til 6 months, so I haven't started that yet, but like Addi Eilidh is very keen on stuffing things in her mouth! She now has a sippy cup and is enjoying practising putting it to her mouth, she gets a few dribbles of water and so far seems to swallow it ok. I'm not sure if we'll wait another 5 weeks for food, I'll just have to play it by ear.

    Re sleep training, we are using the The No-Cry Sleep Solution but need to do a refresher because after all our tripping around she is out of practise! I'll be watching to see how you go, good luck!

  8. I did not even know about the tongue reflex! Interesting....

    Great pictures by the way, as always :)


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