Sunday, May 22, 2011

Peanut - 4 Months

Why, hello there darling.

“Hi, mom,” says Peanut

Whatcha doing?

“Letting dad give me a comb-over,” says Peanut

Oh.  Ok.

Guess how old you are today, Peanut.

“How old am I, mom?” says Peanut

4 months.  Sniffle. Sniffle.

“Wow, that’s really old,” says Peanut

“How old are you, mom?” says Peanut

Umm, that’s neither here nor there, Peanut.  This is about you, not me.

“Ok, mom,” says Peanut.

Here’s a quick recap of our 4th month together:

  • Peanut has become this little person – she’s reaching and grabbing her toys, sticking her hands in her mouth, gurgling up a storm.
  • There is lots of giggling going on over here, but no deep-belly-laughter yet.
  • Peanut is great at sitting up and standing up with support and she’s even sitting up on her own for about 20-30 seconds at a time.  I don’t think it’ll be long now!
  • She is also standing up by herself as long as she is leaning or holding on to something.
  • Peanut has dropped her 5/6pm meal and has also been staying up for longer stretches at a time (closer to 2 hours now).
  • However, she’s also stopped sleeping through the night. *sigh*
  • One of Peanut’s favorite activities is to grab her toys and pull them straight into her mouth where she mouths them long enough to leave a long string of slime, at which point she is more than happy to share those toys with us.
  • Her most favorite activity is to chew on her hands.  Which she is also more than happy to share with us once they’re completely covered in spit.
    • And somehow I find both of those things to be completely and utterly adorable
  • I’m also pretty sure that she knows who mommy and daddy are – she smiles up a storm whenever we pick her up from day care or stop by on our lunch break.
    • This makes us smile (ok, maybe it actually makes me cry a little).
  • Generally, Peanut is one of the happiest babies I’ve ever come across (I don’t come across a lot of them though).  She loves to smile, play, and gurgle her way into everyone’s heart.


  1. Um, I would like one to go please. She is super adorable in those photos. I cannot believe it has been 4 months.

  2. Beautiful girlie!

  3. LOVE the pictures!!! What a cutie pie..I just wanted to squeeze her!! :) Kat, it was so great to meet you last night...I can't wait for the next meet up!!!

    Happy 4 months to Peanut!! :)

  4. She's so ridiculously ADORABLE!!! Every time you post pictures I feel my uterus scream in jealousy, haha!

    Okay, that was a creepy image. My bad.

  5. She is just so, so beautiful. Really. :) Yay for four months!

  6. Oh, Kat, she is just amazingly adorable! And so much a combination of the two of you. I love this age so much, especially when they have discovered their hands and just stare at them and turn them back and forth studying how they work. The sleeping thing? Not so much, huh? That's why I named my book what I named it. I wish you the best with the sleep thang, though.

  7. Wow, I can't believe how beautiful your little girl is! My husband and I aren't quite ready to have kids yet, but your pictures and stories about Addison almost make me change my mind! :)

  8. What a cutie! Seriously, she gets sweeter and more beautiful by the day. Sounds like she's at a fun age, too. I know our own little Peanut will be there before we know it!

  9. She's so cute! Isn't it weird how you look at your little baby one day and realize, "Oh my goodness, you really are developing into a little person!?"

  10. Absolutely beautiful! How can she already be 4 months old?!? Weren't you just posting yesterday that you found out you were pregnant?

  11. I LOVE her little half-smile in the first pic! ADORABLE!


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