Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Favorite baby gear, 3 to 6 months

Our little Peanut-butter-face is now 6 months old, so I thought I’d fill you in on all the goodies in the 3 to 6 month category.


Projector Soother




After Peanut moved to her crib permanently, we decided to invest in a projector soother and we sure are glad we did.  This baby keeps Peanut pretty entertained in the evening right before she falls asleep.  We usually put her down sleepy, but still awake.  This soother projects an image to our ceiling and plays soothing music, keeping Peanut entertained until she’s ready to fall asleep.  We don’t turn it on every single night, but we do when she seems a bit cranky and it works every time.  It also has a night light and a mirror for when she’s ready to go beyond the projector.


Egg Thermometer




Okay, so you’ll probably be just fine without one of these if you’re a laid back kinda mom.  But since I’m a nervous wreck who worries about everything, I had to get one of these.  I couldn’t help stress out about the warmth in P’s room when summer got underway since her room is in the corner of the house and seems to be a completely different temperature than the rest of the house.  The egg thermometer tells you the temperature and let’s you know how it’s going by changing colors (you know, yellow- good, orange- uh oh, red- bad).  It’s easy to spot it and know whether the room is at the right temperature without reading the number.


Huggies Overnight Diapers




Around 4.5 months we did the Ferber sleep training and Peanut started sleeping through most of the nights.  However, most nights when she did wake up was due to a wet diaper (I know, ours might be the only baby who hates a wet diaper).  We talked to a few of our friends and they all recommended the same thing - Huggies overnites.  These diapers are about 2 sizes too big for P (size 3 is the smallest), but we wrap them up tightly and put her to bed.  These keep her happy all night long and have cut back on her wake up time to just about 0 (or at least 0 due to wet diapers).  Heads up - they weigh about 500 pounds in the morning.  Did you know your baby can pee 500 pounds worth of stuff in just 10 hours?


Duck tub




Rubber ducky, you’re the one…doo doo doo doo.  This tub rocks!  It’s tiny and blows up to be half of our bathtub size.  It fits in great, it quacks, and it’s soft for Peanut.  Did I mention bath time is her favorite time of day?  I’m guessing it would be mine too if someone put me in an inflatable duck tub that quacked.






Love, love, love this jumperoo.  We are borrowing it from my Bestie Inna and I have to tell you, it’ll be tough giving it back.  Peanut is obsessed!  At our 4 month appointment our doctor told us to go out and get a jumperoo because Peanut loved to be on the move and kicked her legs in every direction like crazy.  Needless to say, she loves jumping in it (the cute part is that she’s actually jumping to the beat!).






This is another one of those awesome things you gotta go out and get this instant.  Peanut just loves playing in her walker.  Recently we even started unlocking the wheels so she can walk around.  Her favorite part is moving the little birdies up and down the loop and pulling on the tree (it makes sounds).


High Chair




This isn’t our exact high chair (although this one looks freakin’ awesome).  But I have to tell you, our high chair’s been a saver.  Peanut just loves sitting down for dinner with the whole family.  She immediately gets excited and opens her mouth wide for me to stick a spoon in.  She’s still too tiny for one (shocker, I know), but with a couple of blankets stuck under the cover, she has a boost that allows her to actually reach the table part.  The high chair keep her entertained (we have “food” toys that we stick on her table) and keeps her safe while I get her dinner ready.  Plus it’s a synch to clean up!


Got any other gear for 3-6 months to share?


I’ll do favorite toys and day care stuff separately this week.


  1. Absolutely bookmarking this. Can you believe we're almost 3 months already over here?!?!

  2. Is it bad that I want that egg thermometer, and I don't even have a baby?

  3. Eli loved the duck tub, too! Sadly, he's too big for it, now :(

  4. My 6 month old love his Bumbo Seat! We started putting him in there sometime between 3-4 months. I even use it when I feed him every now and again.

  5. All that stuff looks great :) We actually have that exact high chair that's in the picture in the baby room of the day care that I'm working in, and I couldn't recommend it more highly. The babies love going in to it because it's so comfy, and we can recline it back for them if they're going to have their bottle. Plus they sit up much better in it than in the other high chairs (they tend to slip down a bit in the other high chairs) so this makes it much easier to feed them in it, and much more comfortable for baby as well!

    One thing that we've got recently in the baby room that the babies all love, is a little miniature ball pool. They love sitting in it and playing with the balls (or throwing the balls out of it as well).

    PS, I want the duch tub for myself as well! It's too cute!

  6. We have that duck tub too! Man, I miss the days of plopping the baby in the exersaucer. :)

  7. I love your gear posts...we didn't have half of that stuff! I think we only had the exersaucer and the high chair. I saw the duck tub and totally wanted one, but we were given a different tub, and Brad vetoed my wish list =)

  8. i was going to do a similar review, but this one covers most of my favorites too!! maybe I will just tell people to come read yours! hehehe!


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