Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekly roundup

There is still time to enter the gift card giveaway here.

In case you missed any, here is the complete list of the glimpse into our daily life posts:

My fav from the Wordless Wednesday this week is the water sculptures, courtesy of Extraordinary Moments in an Ordinary Life.

I'm at a loss this week for my posts since I'm no longer chronicling my life.

What are you up to for the week?


  1. You have totally made me want to do a weekly recap! Maybe I will start next Monday!

  2. First off I loved your daily life posts :)

    I'm not up to much this week, I'm on week 3 of my 31 day challenge, so once we hit September, I'll be lost without having a list of things to post about!

  3. I loved your series~ I know how you feel when mine was over, I kind of wanted to keep going...

  4. I loved your posts last week - such a great idea!!! That water picture is pretty awesome too:)


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