Friday, August 12, 2011

A Glimpse - Day 5

Today started off just like any other week day to date.


Wake up.  Feed baby in bed.  Pump and play.  Shower and get dressed.




What?  This isn’t how you guys play in the morning?  For the record, Travis is not a fan of this game.  By the way, this is what she makes us do pretty much 24/7 - walk, walk, walk, walk, walk.  Turn.  Walk, walk, walk.  Our backs are not big fans, but she’s so cute, we don’t say no.


I had to conduct some interviews for an open position at work today, so I had to run out the door y 7:30am.




And get way overdressed for Fridays (it’s my “jean” day).  For another record, there isn’t a strict dress code at work.  I just really like dressing up.  Fridays is the only day I will wear jeans.  I know - I’m a weirdo.


My breakfast consisted of a donut and a half along with some coffee.


7:45am until about noon I did interviews (breaking at 10am between candidates to pump).  Then I worked on some tickets and stuffed leftover pizza in my face.  Along with these.




At 12:30pm our daycare called and said Peanut refused to eat anything at school.  I panicked, called Jon and our pediatrician.  The pediatrician was at lunch until 1:30pm, but we received a call from daycare at 1 letting us know she took in 4 ounces (because they told her that they called mommy).  I breathed out.


After “lunch,” I had a meeting followed by a meeting followed by, you guessed it, meeting. 


Kari, Emily and I decided that we would switch our chairs up for these balance balls to help strengthen our core.





Mine was a little floppy, so Kari blew it up.




Naturally, I made a lot of inappropriate, immature jokes.


By 5 I was ready to call it quits and headed out the door. 


After picking up Peanut, who was shockingly fussy, I headed home and fed her and let her take a 15 minute nap in my arms while Jon and I caught up on each other’s day. 


Around 6pm Jon took over while I decided to make Peanut some beans.




I had a bag or organic and a bag of store brand.  Check out the color difference.




Peanut was not a big fan (or maybe she was just generally fussy today).




We ended up giving her some sweet potato instead.




After dinner and bath, Peanut and daddy had a bottle while I made us dinner (I still haven’t gone grocery shopping, but I was feeling pretty guilty about all this take out).




For dinner: crab cakes with chipotle ranch dressing instead of mayo and whole wheat breading.  Sweet peas on the side.


The sweet peas were our side because I started making them for Peanut, then realized that they contained sodium.   I google babies at 6 months and sodium.  I don’t think I want her to have sodium yet.  So we ate them.


We ate in front of the TV around 8pm, I pumped (I only had a couple of sips of my wine while I cooked), and now we’re being our usual couch potatoes.


Tonight I plan to drink 2-3 glasses of delicious red wine while looking into Wordpress and seeing if I want to do it myself or find someone to transfer me.


Jon is a having a couple of beers and reading and watching Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (yes, we pretty much just watch the Food Network every night; that and my crappy television when I get remote privileges).


Bedtime might be pushed back to 10:30pm.


Hey, it’s Friday night.  Gotta walk on the wild side.


  1. Even when you "dress down" you look awesome! So jealous!!! I visit auto correct all the time and I will have tears rolling. I love the ones that are between parents and kids cause really who says some of that stuff to their parents on purpose. Kills me! And I too would have made immature comments about inflating the ball. Yes I'm 31, but you can't pass up a comment involving that type of motion! Oh and I love wordpress! Of course you know how ungeeky I am and I only do the basics. It took me almost 2 years to realize I could put my own pic up as a header.

  2. Yum - crabcakes! I know they're supposedly super easy, but for some reason have never tried making them. Do you have a particular recipe you like? (let us know what you decide about Wordpress...)

  3. Peanut and daddy had a bottle of wine? ;)

  4. I so loved having this glimpse into your week! Those crabcakes look delicious.

    A few questions...
    1) Do you make all of P's food? I was doing it until we came to the beach at which point I decided jarred would be easier for a week (have tried Earth's Best and Gerber)...just curious what jarred food you use, if you ever do?
    2) Do you send "real" food to daycare with P?

  5. The wine, the beer, the Food Network and remote struggle...that exact scenario plays out in our kitchen and on our couch nightly. Love this series!

  6. 1 - I love her romper! So cute! Again, what brand? Where did you get all these adorable clothes!?!

    2 - I'm jealous that with "nothing in the house" you can still manage to make a yummy looking dinner. (Not to mention that you can get your husband to eat peas, mine refuses.)


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